While this is the last day of the twelve days before the Twelve Days of Catmas, there will be a song for Catmas Day and a fun follow-up on Boxing Day. Here’s a friendly reminder too that you can subscribe for free to PolitiZoom.com where you can keep up with the antics of the Furkids team (plus daily political stories) and join in the conversation!

To see the final Catmas gift, first press play on the jukebox. The song will start from the beginning so wait for the twelfth day to begin playing then scroll down to the lyrics and sing along in your best Catmas voice! Warning: for some reason, the orchestra decided to start slowly then gallup over the last section but if you’ve been following every day for the past eleven days, we have every confidence you’ll be able to handle the pace!

If you missed any of the first eleven days, you can catch up with them here:
First Day of Catmas
Second Day of Catmas
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Sixth Day of Catmas
Seventh Day of Catmas
Eighth Day of Catmas
Ninth Day of Catmas
Tenth Day of Catmas
Eleventh Day of Catmas

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  1. Again, thanks for this delightful series. You’ve done a great job of keeping us entertained this past almost-two-weeks. Merry Catmas to you and all the folks here. And let’s hope we all have a happy, peaceful, and healthy new year.

    And thanks to Ursula and all the great writers who hang around on this site, both the ones who write features and those who make the effort to comment. Joy to you all.

  2. {{{Michelle}}} Thank you and the Furkids for your daily Catmus gifts. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it – and Happy Whatever You Celebrate to those who don’t. Healing Energy and Skritches and moar {{{HUGS}}} all around.

    • Merry Catmus! Wishing you a wonderful day with loved ones


      and scritches for 💝Charlie🎄Cloud🦌Freddie🦌Bobbie🎄Rennie💝


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