Everything was weird about Wednesday in the life of Donald Trump. He not only got hit with the latest lawsuits from the New York attorney general’s office in the morning, he suffered the further indignity of Judge Cannon’s ruling about the 100 documents being found to have been error, in the afternoon. Ergo, that night Trump went on Sean Hannity’s show (first time since February, surprise, surprise) to do damage control and that turned into sheer fiasco.

The comment that drew the most attention was Trump’s claim to have the ability to declassify documents telepathically. That immediately turned into meme fodder.

This is the best one.

Oh, to have the mental powers of Donald Trump. How we mere mortals long.

What a gaffe. Of all of Trump’s gaffes over the years, and they are legion, this idea that you can declassify a document just by thinking about it has to be the worst.

If you missed that jewel, here it is again. Must be seen to be believed.

What came out of Trump’s mouth was indeed straight out of Bizarro World but that’s not what’s getting all the attention. His supposed wearing of a diaper is. And you have to admit, the evidence is fairly compelling. Something is up with that weird box shape. Unless Trump is a version of Spongebob Squarepants in real life.

And then the photos got truly awful.

God knows screenshots of Trump’s crotch are not what I thought I would be spending my sunset years blogging about, but life takes twists and turns, right? And the truth is always stranger than fiction.

You tell me. What’s in front of our eyes is what’s there and you can’t un-see it, unfortunately. Did he have a large pillow in his pants because the chair wasn’t comfortable enough? There aren’t too many options here.

And here’s where all this may be leading. What a thought. But it is plausible.

It is plausible.

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      • Interesting … I’ve tried to make sense of this photo … The only thing that makes it work for me, is there are narrow arms on these chairs, Trump’s suits, made down at the tent and awning company, because of the extra yardage required to build out over his ample ass, shown so vividly on the golf courses, is dangling over the arms on either side, the suit has a backside flap, bunched up against the seat back … the chair is obviously too narrow to easily encompass his mass, so … using past examples of experiments made with plastic bags of sand, set into wood crates and cardboard boxes, I figured out that the square look comes from the settle of unhealthy quantities of out-of-shape flesh against the sides and back of the small chair … it would not surprise me if he needed help prying that chair off his butt so he could leave without it … it just depends, how much added bulk might be included … 🙂

    • It would not surprise me. This entire saga of Trump got so much farther out there than I ever thought it could go. Nothing would surprise me.

  1. A few hundred years ago, men wore a ‘cod piece’ on the outside to boast about their ‘endowment’ – it looks like Don John is wearing his inside

    • Donnie Diapers, the flaming orange human shaped rectum himself is well known for his too long neckties. I’ve often said they were a modern day codpiece, meant to get people to look at where his “junk” is. Mercifully it’s hidden under his pants. But that’s why he wears ties that are way too fucking long.

  2. He wears tan slacks on the golf course and lots of pics make it evident he’s wearing Depends or some other brand of adult diaper. Hell, given the advertising on TV I’ve seen for years people using that type of product is more common than folks realize. You’d think by now he would have learned how tan slacks show his bulky undies though. And it’s not like he has class so wearing garish, butt-ugly (literally) LOUD plaid slacks like people have made fun of so many golfers for wearing my entire life isn’t an option. Or maybe he tried it and saw in the locker room that made it look worse. Oh well. He had a really bad week and if he’s shitting his pants more than usual doubling or even tripling up on the adult undies is at least him showing a LITTLE common sense!

    What I find interesting is that picture got out. Maybe in addition to the tens of millions a year Fox pays him (WTF?) Hannity has a side deal to do Trump fluffing and has been threatening Hannity with exposure. And Sean begged and pleaded with his bosses to allow Trump on their air again, figuring he’d be as “stoopid” sounding as he was. AND either Ruppert or Lachlan (or both) Murdoch saw that pic and tacitly approved leaking it. I remain of the belief they want to move on from Trump and spend the next two years setting up DeSantis to take over the GOP and that means discrediting Trump. But they have to be careful how they go about it so as not to piss off their viewers.

  3. Despise Donald Trump and hope he is finally held responsible for his many crimes.

    Not a fan of making fun of people because they have to wear a diaper. If you’ve ever had to deal with an elderly family member who has such problems, you are thankful for the modern diapers.

    • I think this the making fun of the probable (anyone who drinks that much diet soda at that age would need them) diaper use has more to do with how the GOP and their talk show puppets are always trying to say the Biden is physically unfit for getting his foot caught in his pedal while bike riding (imagine tfg’s ass on a bicycle seat!) and calling him senile and mentally incompetent.

    • No. You’re right. While he can control his weight if he wanted to, it might not be his fault he is incontinent. Making fun of him about that is probably on the level of making fun of our own grandparents–not fun at all. We probably ought to re-think that form of ridicule.

      • He’s taking flack for it because he never missed an opportunity to belittle anyone else or brand them with childish nicknames. The whole glass house thing. In general I agree that it’s not funny and can happen to anyone. Screw Trumps feelings, heartless bastard.

        • Not really about his feelings Jack, it’s about our lack of compassion/class. Why should we model ourselves after his piss-poor behavior?

          You’re not wrong but we should be better than he is and we are.

          • Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. Trump is so used to ridiculing others to try to make himself look better. He has no compassion, ethics, morals or honor. So ridiculing him is a sort of payback. We should be better, but this is the only way to get his wandering attention. If he acts like a spoiled, insensitive little boy, then treat him like one. He certainly does not act like a mature adult. And this is what some want to lead our country?

  4. True. Same with body shaming men equating his penis size, flaccid, I assume, as some kind of indication of his moral character. Given the average vagina, at rest is four inches deep, and the average size of erect penises is five inches…seems mother nature knows more than our shallow culture. By the way the reason all those classic greek & roman statues of beautiful muscular men have small flaccid penises is that was considered the ideal. Goes to show how culture molds minds. Erroneously.

  5. First not all people with incontinence issues are elderly.
    Second, there are products made specifically for active people. They are designed to stay put during sports. There are products designed to not be detected under clothing. “From jeans to evening wear” no one knows but you. BTW some come in lovely colors and prints too.
    This shmoe wears the cheap crunchy ones. They bunch up under clothes. You can see and hear them!



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