Because this song dates back to well before its first publication in 1780, it’s accrued quite a history. While researching it, I discovered that the word “on” doesn’t appear at the beginning of each verse in the earliest versions — for example, the first verse just began: “The first day of Christmas” with no “on” at the beginning at all. “On” was added in Austin’s 1909 version and became very popular thereafter.

Today’s Catmas banner is a reminder to hang up your stockings because Santa’s reindeer aren’t far away! It’s time to get comfy and press play on the jukebox. The song will start from the beginning so wait for the ninth day to begin playing then scroll down to the lyrics and sing along! Stop the video at the end of the lyrics or continue to the end of the song if you wish.

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I see you and the Furkids made sure Rudolph was included. Love is Love. Happy 9th Day of Catmus. {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy and Skritches all around, as needed/appropriate.

    • I had to include Rudolph and I was so happy when I worked out how to make his red nose glow!


      and scritches for 💝Charlie🦌Cloud🦌Freddie🦌Bobbie🦌Rennie💝

      • That should have been 🤗🦌💝🦌🤗Barbara🤗🦌💝🦌🤗

        I’m just all too excited about my special guest arriving today!

  2. Have to love that Viking chicken. Love all of it, of course. Thanks for all the work that I know has gone into making this happen. Merry Christmas and all that stuff. (and what she ^^^ said, too.)

    • When I saw Heather’s Viking chicken (back in January or February… or maybe March?), that was the moment when I decided it would be chickens in the fir tree this year. And you won’t be surprised to learn that I work on these all through the year!



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