Again I say, if you wrote this as a novel, nobody would believe it. It simply wouldn’t be possible that some big New York real estate mogul, a major hotshot, a former POTUS no less, would be surrounded by incompetent legal help. Yet once again we see that that is in fact the case. After all the hoopla about the enormity of the $454M bond the court ordered Trump to procure, which was finally reduced to $175M and after Trump bragging how he would post “cash” (wrong. He found a loan shark) the paperwork got bounced for being defective.

Oh, I’m sure those lawyers are going to have a truly great day, when they find themselves dodging ketchup bottles and trying not to step on the glass. This is an echoing theme in Trump world. You remember how Alina Habba didn’t know basic trial procedure and how to introduce a piece of evidence into the court record, and you also remember how Habba didn’t request a jury and how that blew sky high.

Trump has amateurs around him. They may be competent at some area of law, but they are flying high attempting to do trial work when they’re not trial lawyers and now this latest screw up. Although my favorite of all time is still Jenna Ellis, the traffic ticket lawyer who then reinvented herself as a constitutional law scholar on Fox News and went on to glory as a member of Strikeforce Rudy along with Sidney Kraken Powell.

This is who Trump surrounds himself with, opportunists who smell a buck and who know they don’t have what it takes to make this kind of money honestly, so they just wing it. And they have people working for them that are just winging it. Whatever staffer prepared the documents for signature and filing clearly had no clue and neither did the lawyer who actually signed off on it. This is fly by the seat of your pants lawyering.

And it’s not just the lawyers. Trump is getting raked over the coals now by the family of Ruby Garcia for lying that he spoke with them, when he didn’t. Garcia is just the next Laken Riley, a mere name that the GOP can use as a political wedge.

Trump world is sinking like Atlantis of yore. You can only have so much generalized incompetence in any organization and eventually it collapses. Trump has paid millions to Alina Habba and all she’s been doing is losing cases. The competent lawyers, like Tim Parlatore, departed long ago.

And another day is ticking by and you still don’t hear of any appellate lawyers being hired in either of the two cases Trump is allegedly appealing. This is not going to remain a silent issue forever. Trump accrues interest daily and he can’t afford to stall. Plus, there is undoubtedly some statutory deadline within which to file an appeal and between that and financial considerations, it’s not in Trump’s best interest to keep stalling.

Another day, another embarrassment. Oh, and don’t forget Alina bragged on Easter Sunday how she’s going to sue E. Jean Carroll for attorneys’ fees. You haven’t heard a word about that and you won’t. She was totally blowing smoke.

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  1. I’m sure in tRump’s mind the stalling can go on indefinitely and he would prefer it that way.
    I’m sure he imagines that once in office, he will make this all go away. I kind of enjoy the way reality keeps poking holes in his plans.

  2. Habba said and I quote “i CAN ALWAYS FAKE SMART” Her actions prove beyond a doubt what bullshit that is, she’s dumb as a stone.

  3. Can someone let us know how that affects the deadline? Is the clock still ticking before the AG starts slapping liens on his property??

    • In any other jurisdiction for anybody else, the clock is still ticking. It remains ticking until a bond is posted, a bond complying with all legal requirements. Since this bond does not comply with the legalities required, the situation is the same as if the bond hadn’t been posted – because it hasn’t been. If your check isn’t signed, the bank won’t accept it, all the legalities must be complied with, and the person who has your check hasn’t been paid.

      The same applies here, a bond not filed correctly is a bond not filed.

      But this is Trump, who seems to get exceptions for anything and everything – like filing a bond for X amount in X amount of time, so who knows?

  4. I’m confused. Monday evening the big news (and Maddow talked about it) was that the bond had just been posted. All of yesterday went by with talking heads moving on, giving short mention to the matter. Some questions/discussion about the company that put up the bond. Did NO ONE bother to actually checked the freaking court record?

    This is Trump we’re talking about. He SAYS all kinds of shit that turns out not to be true so just where did this news he’d “posted the 175 million bond” come from? Someone in Trump’s orbit? You’d think with all day yesterday and even this morning SOMEONE would have checked the court filings for more information. Things aren’t official until they are actually official. Even if PART of the required legal paperwork was filed Monday evening the whole kit and kaboodle has to be submitted before the court accepts it. I’m stunned that none of the legal pundits took a close look at this and caught it.

    I’m reminded of my pre-Marine years when I was working my way up through the ranks of being a basketball referee. In pre-season gatherings of refs to go over the rules and any changes one “case book” game always got mentioned – it concerned a game not being over UNTIL the referee “approved the final score.” A game was cited where a team had scored a wining basket just before the clock expired. The person who scored it intercepted the inbounds pass just as the horn sounded. Game over, right? Nope. In celebration he took one dribble towards the basket and DUNKED the ball – this was in the era where the “Alcindor Rule” outlawing dunking was in effect and high schools around the country adopted that college rule. This was only a couple of seconds after the horn sounded BUT the ref hadn’t had time to notify the scoring table it was “over.” Being a dick, he called a technical foul which the other team made tying the score. And the team that actually would have lost the game wound up winning handily in overtime.

    The moral of the story is that, to quote Yankee legend Yogo Berra “It ain’t over till it’s over.” If memory serves Trump’s lawyers still have until tomorrow to get it right and have the bond accepted by the court. Maybe someone like Parlatore who spend weeks after leaving Trump’s employ (did he? I wondered until we stopped seeing him regularly) hawking the whole PRA nonsense will quietly, for a quick buck help make sure all is done correctly without his name actually being on anything. He at least was a real and quite good lawyer.

    It would be funny as hell if in the end Team Trump can’t get it’s shit together and he, or rather his money suddenly winds up in the hands of NY state!

    • What I wonder, is why nobody talks about a deadline for Trump to hire an appellate lawyer. I don’t have the time to drop everything and go looking up a statute in New York State. One would think that CNN or some billion dollar network would have somebody doing that very thing.

      • I thought I heard that Trump has until July for written appeal and September an oral hearing in front of the NY appellate division.

  5. As I heard a lawyer explain, this isn’t Trump’s financial statement, but that of the bonding company. Trump used a company specializing in subprime auto loans for this and they aren’t familiar with this type of loan. He was probably taken in by their “Bad credit. No credit…” Ads.



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