The demented dentist of Flagstaff Arizona is promising a Congressional Investigation into the real masterminds of the Jan. 6th, 2020 insurrection – Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley, whose tenure in that office chiefly consisted of preventing Donald Trump from pulling the military into his treasonous schemes, and Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who apparently was so horrified at the prospect of the leader of her own party, Joe Biden, becoming President, after four years off the Donald Trump shit-show, that she was willing to rend the Republic asunder to prevent that dread prospect from happening.

Folks, you can’t make this shit up:

From day one, JoJo.












Probably in the Fox News and OAN coverage.


Gosar represents the small but all too real class of victims of alien space probing that suffer the debilitating effects of having an ear mistaken for their anus, resulting in half their brain sucked out.

It appears the little green men who surveyed Gosar’s district in Arizona made that mistake only too often…

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  1. Petty revenge and spite…pretty on-brand for the GOP, especially since Trump. My question: who’s going to attempt to out-MAGA Gosar in the process? Lest we forget, the unity of the Republicans is pretty much gone by now. That will lead to what Bill Palmer rightly called “Lame of Thrones”.

  2. Paul Gosar. GOSAR. “Gosar the Gosarian” as I think of him because he’s a ridiculous as the “chosen form” Stay Puffed Marshmellow Man” from the movie Ghostbusters. Gosar is an assclown under a (MAGA) asshat. Has the GOP really thought this through? THIS idiot being put in a position to “grill” witnesses? How many clips and memes of him looking as stupid and incompetent as he is is the GOP willing to tolerate?

  3. Can’t wait til they build scaffolds in the house with name plates! Or start burning effigies in front of the building. Welcome to the Dark Ages in America!!! Should be a heavy metal band name.

  4. Was a punk rock song called “New Dark Ages” by Bad Religion…back in the mid-2000s. Was an accurate reflection of the awareness of how bad the tail end of the 2000s was going to be. So I am a BIT more jaded on our current situation. If these assclowns couldn’t manage it when they had baseline sanity and self-control, things will hardly improve now that such is gone.

  5. RW won’t change anything, wasting money & time is what the RW freaks, do “best”! No policies for the benefits of the people & our Country! Only LIES, OBSTRUCTION & the continuing greed for POWER & money from their RICH, CORP’ Libertarian & White Nationalists benefactors! RW are UNFIT to GOVERN!

  6. This is likely to burn these idiots very badly. Of course everything they do, they do badly so I’m not surprised their upcoming shit-show will be bad for them. When the public sees, AGAIN, what happened on J6 they will AGAIN be disgusted with republicans. This shit-show along with former guy’s begging for people to primary Mitch, etc. ought to result in good things for the dems.

  7. I the point of believing every member the House and Senate nefs s to.take the MMPI before being allowed to.take the oath of office. Gosar’s family have taken out ads denouncing a psychopath.

    • Not a bad idea (I assume YOU assume they’d have to show no “issues”) but there should be a more important standard – qualifying for a Security Clearance and I’m not talking about the very basic “Public Trust” clearance (like the one I had to apply for for FEMA as a Disaster Temporary Employee – my clearance I got while a Marine had long since lapsed) but at least Secret, and for access to certain information, briefings and to serve on certain Committees Top Secret. And in some cases SCI level. That one requirement would remake the Congress into an institution of serious people. Yes, some would still be hard core to the point of radical but they’d be on a very much shorter leash and be damned careful about their associations, espeically if thy intended to stay in Office because clearances have to be periodically renewed and anyone holding one can be checked out anytime classifying authorities see questionable actions.

    • Taking the MMPI requires three hours (minimum) of concentration. The Republi-chickens could never focus that long. (Perhaps an MMPI-Lite could be developed for Gosar and his GOP buds. Or just the Montreal Cognitive Assessment exam, on which tRump supposedly made a perfect score of 30.)

  8. Republicans ran on inflation, high gas prices, and complaining about the Democrats spending too much money. All these morons are going to do is waste taxpayer money on useless investigations that prove nothing.

  9. I wouldn’t let this nutbag work on a dead person teeth, much less my own! I hope dems have a memory stick or two with all their evidence compiled and hidden in their best hiding spots because these “patriots” may well try to disappear the original stuff if they can! You could probably hide one of those tiny newer sticks in one of those pocket constitutions. I mean, (R)’s carry them around but they sure as hell don’t read them!

  10. In my head I am.hearing Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors singing”Be a fentist/ You have a talent for causing things pain…”


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