In the banner image today there’s a green budgie (short for budgerigar aka love bird), another Australian native like the cockatoos in Day Five. Also, like the cockatoos, budgies are excellent mimics and very talkative! Now it’s onto Day Eight.

In the traditional lyrics, the eighth day is given to eight maids a-milking. The Furkids feel strongly that it’s the cows who should be featured since they are the ones who produce the milk. But what are these cows wearing?

It’s time to find out so get comfy and press play on the jukebox. The song will start from the beginning so wait for the eighth day to start playing then scroll down to the lyrics and sing along. Stop the video at the end of the lyrics or continue to the end of the song if you wish.

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} The Furkids are correct. The cows most certainly should be celebrated for producing the super abundance of milk, enough for humans as well as their babies! Happy 8th Day of Catmus. Healing Energy and skritches and {{{HUGS}}} all around.

    • I’ve been so busy today I almost forgot to check on my 8th-day comments! 😮
      This time tomorrow Damit will be here!!!! 🥳

      and scritches for 💝Charlie🎄Cloud🎄Freddie🎄Bobbie🎄Rennie💝

    • The cows felt that, since this is in celebration of Catmas Day, they should be wearing their Santa Paws hats!

      🤗🎄💝🎄🤗Piren, Morgan and the lovely nieces!🤗🎄💝🎄🤗

  2. Happy Catmus from me and all my (sometimes bratty) fur babies! I gave them nip this AM so I could have a quiet cup of coffee. My bad!


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