For their final day, the Furkids chose residents of the Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park. They are orphans who each received a wonderful Catmas gift five years ago from an anonymous benefactor. had the story:

Newborn lambs are sometimes given plastic coats to keep out the chill before they grow their own cosy fleeces. But these happy-looking little characters at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park have gone one better, thanks to a mystery knitter.
When park staff arrived at work early on Tuesday, they found an unexpected package which had been left by the entrance. Inside were brightly coloured woollen jumpers, which have proved ideal for keeping the little lambs warm.

The park’s marketing and communications manager, Kim Pounsberry (pictured with the lambs) explained:

Generally lambs rely on the warmth from their mothers. These are orphan lambs – their mothers have rejected them so they don’t have that initial warmth that’s so critical when they are born.
As the coats are knitted they are pretty stretchy so we hope to use them again next year  – as long as the little rascals don’t ruin them too badly!

Since that story in 2016, knitters from all over the UK have sent the orphan lambs woolly jumpers to keep them warm and cosy. They do look colourful!

While this is the last day of the twelve days before the Twelve Days of Catmas, there will be a special presentation on Catmas Day and a fun follow-up on Boxing Day! reminder: you can subscribe for free to where you can keep up with the antics of the Furkids team (plus daily political stories) and join in the conversation!

To see the final Catmas gift (and find out what the tiger is up to), just press play then scroll down through the illustrated lyrics and sing along! Warning: for some reason, the orchestra decided to start slowly then gallup over the last section but if you’ve been following every day for the past eleven days, we have every confidence you’ll be able to handle the pace!


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  1. {{{Michelle}}} I see 12 days of romping in a Catmas tree was just too much for our little guy. Sleep well, Baby Tiger. (I’m sure Catmas dinner will open those eyes.) Happy Catmas, Christmas, or whatever Winter Holy Days you celebrate. Skritches to Ms. Loula. Healing Energy and moar {{{HUGS}}} to you.

    • Yeah, Baby Tiger was definitely in need of a nap after all that romping about!
      ???⭐️?Happy Christmas Eve!?⭐️???
      Moar ???❤️?Barbara?❤️??? and
      ❤️??scritches to Charlie, Cloud, Freddie, Bobbie, Murf and Rennie??❤️

    • While it took many busy hours, I loved every minute of it and have been rewarded ten times over by everyone’s joy and appreciation.
      ???⭐️?Happy Catmas Eve!?⭐️???

  2. Many thanks for giving us all this wonderful gift over the past 12 days. You are a treasure! I hope you have wonderful holidays yourself! xo, roses


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