If you’re tired of having your intelligence insulted, you will truly enjoy what you are about to read and hear. I have been on a rampage for about three days now, because I religiously go to check the statistics on early voting and I see the Democrats over performing. I smile. Then I open up the latest New York Times polling information and I read about the tightening races and the seeming 180 degree direction that things have “suddenly” gone as we approach the last few days before the midterm.

Then yesterday, as you perhaps read, it was revealed that Donald Trump plans to announce his candidacy so that he can “surf the GOP’s expected post-midterm euphoria” in the wake of this mythic red wave we keep hearing about. And of course we read how Jim Jordan put the world on notice of the GOP-led House’s plans for the future. There was over 1,000 pages of that idiocy released into the world yesterday.

So if your stomach has been clenching, as mine is, and cognitive dissonance is setting in, and you chew on your fist so you don’t start screaming, your instincts are right. You’re being gaslighted. The truth is that the polls may be being “reported” properly, i.e., what they say are the numbers are being dutifully reflected by the press as the numbers given. But the polls aren’t right. They’re being doctored by a desperate GOP as you will read and hear below. And the journos are going to have to do better. Stenography is writing down what somebody says, journalism is “looking out the fucking window” to see if it’s raining.

The early vote data has changed over the past few years. A lot more people are voting early than used to. More people are voting by mail. Many people prefer that method now. I do. I always used to vote in person because I liked the excitement of Election Day. I felt part of things by driving down to the polls. Now, I don’t want to stand in line. I want to get my ballot in and sit back and watch the big picture. I don’t think I’m the only person doing this.

This is a long tape, 27 minutes. But listen to it because it will do your heart good.

“We’ve never seen an election where Democrats have embraced the early vote in a midterm.” Yes, indeed. The DNC put out a lot of field offices and it was a damn good investment. Definitely, send money to the DNC. You’re going to get their emails anyhow, telling you that the sky is falling and their hair is on fire, so send them some cash. I do. But know that you’re sending them cash for the good work that they are actually doing, NOT because we’re underwater and drowning. We are not.

Now let me say this about polling. In no way am I saying disregard them all. No. I am saying that Five Thirty Eight, Real Clear Politics and the Cook Political Report are poll aggregators. They average the results of multiple polls. The GOP is deliberately manipulating these polls by flooding the zone, to quote Michael Moore, with conservative-leaning polls in order to game the three polling aggregators just named.

As Simon Rosenberg just said, they’re doing it because they’re scared. They know what’s going on. They’ve got their internal polling, just as the Dems do. And that is what has caused them to game these aggregators.

Look to the other polls, the independent polls, for more realistic numbers. Here’s the latest from Marist.

The Fetterman poll here matches the internal polling of the Democrats. Plus, here’s a bonus: Trump is in Pennsylvania this evening doing a rally for Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano. I personally think that’s the kiss of death, for Oz to be seen embracing Mastriano and Trump at a time when he’s desperately needing moderate suburban votes. He’s not following Glenn Youngkin’s playbook, clearly.  So, go to it, say I. Be sure to plaster pictures of the Trump rally all over the local papers and put plenty of tape on the airwaves. Let Oz hang himself publicly, it should be a good spectacle.

Likewise, the Kelly numbers look real and with respect to Walker/Warnock, again, it’s the goddamnedest race I’ve ever seen in my life. I will sit here like everybody else and watch with bated breath. For many reasons, control of the Senate being only one, I will utterly despair if that CTE-impaired liar defeats a good Democratic senator. That will herald a new low in the history of politics and I pray we don’t have to watch it.

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  1. Ursula how the hell did you know I’ve been chewing my clenched fist? Thanks for the ray of sunshine…while Mr magoo stares into the sun during the eclipse.

    • I’ll tell you something in all seriousness. I’m glad I live in an “isolated” apartment — meaning I have neighbors on only one wall and I never hear them and vice versa. There’s nobody above me, below me, and only to one side.

      This is important because sometimes I scream. I literally see something on the computer and start yelling. I’m glad nobody can hear. I have basically lost all of the filters I used to have in the work world since I started working from home.

      This stuff is enough to make anybody scream. I can’t stand this level of disinformation and the fact that mainstream journalism is participating has got to stop. And it freaking WILL stop if and when the red wave doesn’t appear.

      • Seriously Ursula? The MSM has been reporting wrong information for quite a while. We’ve come a long way from the days when a major news organization’s talking head would get fired for broadcasting inaccurate information. They have been reporting shit election predictions also for several years. They jumped on the “report anything so long as it makes money” kick and I for one don’t see them leaping off. Over the last several years it has become more about sensationalism and raking in the money than accurate news and factual reporting. Money is the ONLY thing that matters to corporations and MSM outlets are corporations. Surely this must be a recipe for disaster but I have no ideas on how it can be fixed or if it can.

    • Absolutely correct and this is the reason that the lies are tolerated at all. It’s seen as a mechanism to drive people to the polls. We should always behave like we’re eight points down and fight for maximum results.

      My theory is that hearing how we’re “losing” when we’re not has more of an effect to depress the polls than hearing that we’re winning. I could be wrong.

      • We don’t want a repeat of Hilary/Trump when, apocryphally, too many people decided the Dems had it in the bag and didn’t need them to vote. So they didn’t and trump won, (Yes I know she won the popular vote.)

  2. I am canvassing every day these last four days and on Election Day too. At seventy years young, this is the first time I have done canvassing and I am not alone.

    • Good for you, Tamara! I’m 70 years young in January and I come on here and rage every day. The body has aged, yes, and it has issues, but the mind and the spirit are doing just fine.

  3. I have not seen any estimation of how the 1.07 million deaths from Covid 19 will impact the election. How many of those were GOP voters? How many were Democrats?

    I’m concerned with the constant broadcasting that the GOP will have a big red wave. What is the reaction going to be when/if Democrats win instead? I know the gut punch I felt the day after the last election — I don’t own any guns. Will we have a J6 v.20?

  4. I switched to vote-by-mail before the pandemic, because of the untested voting machines and the “voting centers” in L.A. I’m glad I did – the local “voting centers” are far less convenient than the old precincts. And there’s a dropbox within walking distance.

  5. Been working no less than three different text banks. It’s why I knew the fools pushing the “red mirage” polls were always full of it. Assuming the GOP guys spitting all their ugly plans in our face don’t actually believe them (debatable), my suspicion as to why they’re being so obvious is because they KNOW it upsets us. It’s the last such petty joy they’re going to get before we roll over them if things go like I expect. Ignore them. Taunt them if you’re feeling particularly bold. But NEVER fear them.

    • It would be naive of us to think that there won’t be a lot of “Stolen Election 2.0” going around. Whatever races are lost, it will be claimed they were “stolen.” This madness has to stop.

      • Great way to keep your cult in line, lousy way to grow it. And when they get violent, they’ll be enjoying full ostracism from anyone else who wants peace and quiet.

  6. Sitting on the other side of the big sea, I’m following what’s happening over there (well trying to while shaking my head at an archaic and unrepresentative voting system)
    Over here we elect people on a popular vote – we don’t elect a bunch of party hacks o do that for us. We also have a ‘ranking’ system on voting – it’s not ‘first past the post’ but votes are in a ranking order of preference (well for all bar Westminster elections which is the old ‘first past the post). In Proportional Representation, if there are more than two candidates, a ‘quota’ is calculated (usually 50% of the total votes cast) and whoever reaches that target gets elected. If no-one does the person with the lowest number of first preference votes is eliminated, his votes are then recounted with a ‘weighting’ and transferred to his second choice and so on down the line.

    However, in the end, it doesn’t make a very big difference as we all end up with the best politicians that money can buy

  7. If they get violent, let’s hope they’re quickly rounded up and arrested (although police departments in some places are sympathetic to MAGA.) Surely they will figure out that they’re the ones risking their life and livelihood, while Trump and his cohorts still remain free.


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