Well, well, well, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here now, aren’t we? What’s that expression? Oh yeah, don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. Axios is reporting  that “Trump and his top advisers have been signaling for weeks that a 2024 announcement is imminent. But those discussions have reached the point that allies are blocking off days in their calendars for the week after the midterms — and preparing to travel.”

Intriguing how they’re blocking off their calendars, just assuming that everything is going to break their way and it’s going to be victory lap time.

I wonder if anybody in the Trump camp has the guts to even whisper, remember what happened in 2016 when the Democrats were so cock sure? Or, maybe they’re too scared and they just keep their mouths shut.

What we’re hearing: With polls pointing toward a good night for Republicans on Tuesday, Trump plans to surf the GOP’s expected post-midterm euphoria to build momentum for his own effort to retake the White House.

  • Look for Trump to take credit for Republican victories across the board —including those he propelled with his endorsements, and even those he had nothing to do with.

Between the lines: Trump has long planned to announce shortly after midterms — and even toyed with announcing before Nov. 8 — in an effort to get ahead of potential rivals for the GOP’s 2024 nomination, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

  • In recent weeks, Trump has been inching closer and closer to saying he is running, relishing the applause as he hints to his rally crowds that he’s doing it.

  • At his Thursday rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Trump said: “In order to make our country successful and safe and glorious, I will very, very, very probably do it again … Get ready that’s all I’m telling you — very soon. Get ready.”

  • A Trump spokesman declined to comment. The discussions are still fluid and could change depending on Tuesday’s results, especially if the Senate still hangs in the balance and the Georgia race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock goes to a run-off.

Reality check: It’s Trump. So anything could happen — or not. He’s conflicted on the timing and nothing is ever certain. But people who have been close to him for many years are lacing up for the next race.

Let’s just wait and see. The only thing crystal clear at this point in time vis a vis this election is that it just got more interesting. If the GOP washes out at the ballot box, or at the very least doesn’t do as well as they now expect to do, then “surfing the euphoria” is going to be a little difficult. And even if the GOP does better than we might hope, I think it’s still a certainty that all of Trump’s endorsed candidates are not going to win.

Doug Mastriano looks to be toast, just to name one. J.D. Vance looks worse and worse every day. And regardless of what the polls say about Georgia, I think Herschel Walker has hung himself. I don’t think I’m wrong about that. You may recall me quoting a statistic that 55% of the early voting in Georgia was done by women. I think that the Roe decision the end of July, which the press seems to think has been long forgotten, is on the ballot, bigly, and I think that political reporting right now stinks on ice. Here is “Poll Reversal” from the New York Times:

In the last days before Tuesday’s midterm elections, the polls have increasingly reached a consensus on the state of the race: Republicans lead. […]

In one sense, the new Republican strength was foreseeable. The president’s party almost always gets pummeled in midterm elections, especially when his approval rating is as low as President Biden’s, which is hovering just over 40 percent. In the era of modern polling dating back nearly a century, no precedent exists for the president’s party to hold its own in the House when his approval rating is well beneath 50 percent.

I call bullshit. The reason I say that is because whatever historical precedent says, has nothing to do with this moment in history. Historical precedent said that a vulgar loudmouth talking about grabbing women by their genitalia wouldn’t ever get elected president. Remember how that prediction went?

This is what I’ve been ranting about for quite some time now, this boilerplate approach to covering politics and the mess it has landed us in. What TF is wrong with these editors who still cover politics this way when if recent history has taught us anything, it has taught us that all bets are off? The GOP is shattered, that’s been the case since 2015. It doesn’t freaking matter what the history books say, we’re living in a different era now.

If you have a moment, please read my piece on how the press is completely out of step with reporting politics and must rise to this moment in history or perish. I sincerely believe what I wrote there. If nothing else, it might put you in a better mood when you read these depressing polls all weekend and next Monday.

The clock is ticking, the calendar is flipping and we shall see. I’ll believe the GOP surfing in euphoria when I see it. And maybe I will. God knows I’ve been wrong before. But I don’t see the landmark Roe decision being forgotten like it was nothing and a $.21 disparity in a gallon of gas being far more important than womens’ lives. That you’re going to have to show me.

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  1. Hey Merrick…maybe YOU should read Ursula. Orangebob shitpants is pissing on your head. What are you going to do with this career criminal? Hide behind the same ‘memo’ that allowed him to piss on Mueller & his multiple provable crimes of obstruction? Just label me curious when the LAW lives up to the phrase on the federal building. I wonder how many black kids will become political prisoners today based on Nixon’s lie codified into law since 1970? Wonder who will get killed by the police during arrest for smoking pot. Then the boys in blue will retreat to a bar for alcohol & cigarettes, two substances that actually DO KILL PEOPLE. Of course the lawmakers own stock in those industries along with the private prison industry so the law will clearly stand with the people who pay the politicians. Oh, and you.

    • It ain’t over until it’s over. Right now, this instant, today, a lot of balls are up in the air. Trump is in over his head in New York. He may get indicted by the DOJ. I actually speculate that one reason he wants to announce his run early is because he’s trying to avoid that very thing. Financially, it’s to his advantage to delay announcing as long as he can so that he can keep grifting. Ergo, I think it’s the threat of indictment motivating his actions.

      We will be having a much more informed conversation about all of this in a few days time.

  2. The LAST thing those who call the shots in Journalism (editors, News Directors, owners, corporate directors where applicable, etc.) want is for Democrats to hold on to Congress, and worse make gains at the state level. For that matter, the same is true of the bulk of the “talent” (a term meant to be derisive – it’s the people you see, hear and read) because they are rich as hell and want their fucking tax cuts too! THAT is why they make goddamned sure to do the whole “horse race” coverage crap instead of providing meaningful coverage of issues and candidates. If Democrats hang on, stuff that they weren’t able to get done (or done as well as it might have been) in the last two years will have a much better chance at passing. Especially if we gain two or three seats in the Senate and can get around Manchin & Simema to pass strong VOTING RIGHTS legislation. If that happens, the GOP is fucked. And there will be regulation of social media and even some tough things for mainstream media on tap.

    As for Trump announcing, he’s in something of a pickle. Doing so will probably get him (and others) back on twitter and other places and his ego craves that. However, declaring brings a different set of rules to his fundraising. And even if the GOP takes one or both chambers of Congress (still quite possible from where I sit) I’m pretty sure it won’t be by much. In the Senate in particular there is plenty that could be done to rein the GOP in. What will matter though is that things will still be pretty close. A lot of GOP candidates that could have and should have won & would have in any other midterm will get beaten. And the sort of quiet grumbling about Trump’s fundraising and sucking so much out of the system for himself and NOT spending it to help GOP candidates around the country is becoming more open all the time. Hell, Ted Cruz went public with a blast on Trump. Sure, he’ll walk it back and wind up with chapped lips from repeatedly kissing Trump’s ass to gain forgiveness but I don’t see DeSantis backing off. He’s already taken aim at Trump and that fight is going to happen & it won’t be good for the GOP.

    The fact is the majority of the GOP would rather have DeSantis than Trump because he’d be much more effective in implementing the kind of fascist remaking of this country they want to have happen.



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