I don’t know what this ding a ling woman’s purpose is. I guess it’s to draw attention to herself. She can’t win, not in California in any event, with this kind of psycho talk.

Rachel Hamm is back. If the name isn’t striking a bell, she’s running for Secretary of State in California. She has prophetic dreams, which can kill and did reportedly kill two neighbors of hers who were witches plotting against her.

Now, she wants Divine Intervention in November’s election, because “angels can do a job.” My dear, I wish the angels would throw you in a bag and lock you away somewhere. That would be a good piece of work.

She’s got Jesus in the closet and bats in the belfry.

That’s about the size of it. We now have people running for office, and coincidentally, all on the Republican ticket, who belong in five point restraint with a thorazine drip.

Mellissa Carone said she needed two hundred people to safeguard her election alone, from fraud. That was before she screwed up the paperwork and got kicked off the ballot. I wonder why she just didn’t ask the angels to do it all, paperwork, ballot counting, etc.

I think I’ll send her a note and ask her. Always good to check up on Mel, see if she’s still broadcasting from under the bed. She and Hamm are two peas in a pod.


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  1. G_d sure does work in mysterious (to idiots) ways: lets us make our own messes AND clean them up by ourselves. If xtians believe in the concept of “free will”, and they say they do, then it stands to reason the creator of the universe is not going to get involved in the petty squabbling also known as election season. Besides, the creator of the universe is probably watching to see if the idiot in Moscow decides to start lobbing I.C.B.M.s at Ukraine, Europe, us…Not saying the creator would step in and stop him but it might make for interesting viewing

  2. She has an oversized idea of her own power and worth, and no clue what the job is that she’s applying for.
    Also, if her thoughts/prayers killed people, she should be on trial for homicide.

  3. Okay. A couple of thoughts here:

    First, remember when Jerry Brown was disparaged by the GOP as “Governor Moonbeam?” Well, compared to “Governor Moonbeam,” this woman would make long-time “old-school” GOPers long for those days.

    Secondly, somehow I don’t think she understands her own religious tenets. God kind of frowns on stealing; He even put it among the Big Ten “Don’ts.” So, I kind of doubt that He would sanction His servants–the angels–to down to Earth and COMMIT A SIN by “stealing” anything.

  4. The gospels of Mark & especially Matthew have religious hypocrisy as the number 1 barrier to being a true disciple. Luke, writing after those two & living at a time of rampant materialism, had Jesus telling many parables about the spiritual darkness brought on by wealth. Seems the gop has those two sins covered in spades. They worship money & power & spout religious hypocrisy to cover their collective venality. The gospel of John goes so far as to have Jesus call the hypocrites “children of the devil” because they were liars & murderers just like their father the devil. See John 8:42-47. I’m sure she hears voices. I personally had a multitude of folks locked up for exactly that when I ran psychiatric admissions at two hospitals for 15 years. I dare her to walk into a psychiatric facility and spout that story without recanting. She won’t be leaving. She may remain a moron but she will have to feign rationality in order to be discharged. Fact.


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