Imagine a world where people who sound like psychiatric patients off their meds run for political office and frequently get elected. This is the new subnormal of politics, brought to you by the Grand Old Party. The latest example we have to illustrate this principal is evangelical wingnut and professed prophetic dreamer Rachel Hamm, who wants to be California’s next secretary of state. Hamm wants you to know that she is so powerful with her dreaming skills that she is in awe of herself. We are in awe too, but for very different reasons.

That must be some neighborhood she lives in, with both evangelical wingnuts and self-proclaimed witches living a few doors away, and the witches get burned at the stake, house, household goods and all. Interesting to know in 2021.

Now presupposing that this event even occurred, and considering the source I don’t think we should take anything for granted, who in her right mind would publicly disparage a neighbor who just got murdered, and whose home was perhaps destroyed by arson, much less BRAG about being the responsible party? I say “responsible party” because she says that the evil was directed at her and then she bounced it back into the universe to happen to somebody else. She has no empathy for this tragedy, it’s all about her. Has it occurred to her that she’s a sociopath, do you suppose?

This is how psych patients talk and this is how evangelical wingnuts talk as well. What the two groups have in common is that they live in a reality of their own creation. Just as the author of a work of fiction can imbue a character with supernatural powers at will, so can these folks.

California would be better off falling into the ocean than having this loon anywhere near its government, seriously.

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  1. I wouldn’t want this woman as a neighbor. She’s capable of doing anything to make herself look more powerful than she is. (Also, praying for someone to die sounds like witchcraft to me. And not the good kind.)

    • Except that true “witches” would never wish death on someone, because the cardinal rule in this belief system is that what you put into the universe (such as a wish for another’s death) comes back to you threefold. No true practitioner of those arts would risk it.

  2. Guess it’s time to put the progressives like AOC to the test to see if they float in water to determine their witch status. Having run psychiatric clinical evaluations for years, I can attest that most folks locked up are not as crazy or cruel as these folks.

  3. The power of Christ compels You! The Power of Christ compels You!
    Back in the 70’s she would have been one of the nuts demonstrating and begging people not to see the movie, now she’s running for office. Any else here seeing what’s happening to the your country? When has Fox “News” and the like done enough damage to be held responsible for the damage they’ve done with their demagoguery!?

  4. Let us not forget Zuckerberg & his greed. Over 100 billion dollars isnt enough to stop his support of the evil that murdered 6 million jews. It also supports the oldest trope that jews are greedy.
    My first wife was Jewish, & her family was one of the kindest, most generous, open minded folks that walk the earth. I joined the reform temple in 1979. I had studied under biblical scholars & was active in the methodist church in high school. I loved Taoism. Yet, I lost a friend by not being a zionist. I lost friends because I questioned many opinions about the Bible, especially unexamined ones. People on all sides use ‘God’s’ word to their own purposes, ignoring the highest ideals Jesus embodied. Love the mystery. Love ur neighbor. Love yourself. Love is sacrifice. Instead, greed, selfishness, narrow mindedness & fear are peddled as religious belief. Our culture encourages shallow knowledge, obedience to capitalism, & the worship of pleasure & things. This is darkness. Any country that worships violence, greed, ignorance, & selfishness is doomed. How could someone as heartless, greedy, & narcissistic as Trump get elected if we aren’t sick in our hearts & minds? Oh, & still be loose after killing 700,000+ of our citizens? How could Zuckerberg be allowed to encourage the worst instincts, grow richer than Midas, & still not held responsible? America lost 400,000 troops in WW2. Yet, we helped nazis escape justice. So did the Vatican. We are now reaping what we’ve sown.

  5. I think someone needs to put this woman under psychiatric evaluation, like yesterday.

    I honestly don’t get this. She DREAMED that her house was being broken into and someone was going to murder her but she (somehow) “prayed it away” (in her dreams? she’s praying in her dreams?) and a neighbor gets killed IN REAL LIFE? And, for some reason, she chooses to brag about the neighbor’s being killed?

    This woman is a sociopath.

  6. Somebody needs to drop the anchor, this, boatload of GOPers, has no plan, other than to support the dumbest grifter that ever lived, fight against our Democracy, even allowing normalcy to the Capitol insurrection …

    The young Makers in our country have a LOT of work to do, take good ideas, design/build working models, repair and replace aging technologies, solve the pollution and killing of our blue orb in space … reverse the GOP attitudes about extreme wealth and profits, even using criminal means are everything, ignoring the shameful disruption to our peaceful lives …

    The time to release these big-thinking, young doers has long since passed, trillions of dollars may help promote these people, but with so many Maggots out there, the chances for misdirection of funding are nasty and ever present …


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