I rarely say “Drop whatever you’re doing and watch this,” but if you have a few minutes to listen to a MAGA in real time, just free associating on a Facebook video, you could find it instructive. Rudy Giuliani’s bestie and GOP candidate Mellissa Carone is having a fireside chat. Well, sorta kinda. She doesn’t have a fireplace to chat in front of or a poker to throw it out of. But she has, by God, come up with the most original broadcasting venue I’ve ever seen. Charlie Sykes will throw out the black fireplace with the brass trim and white carved mantle when he sees what Mellissa Carone has going.

This broadcast, friends, is coming from under the bed. Don’t take my word for it, click this link. Mellissa obviously has one of those set ups where you need both a bed and a desk but only have room for one, so you stack them on top of each other. So she’s under her bed (or is she in somebody’s dorm room? Or, are mental hospitals furnished this way, anybody know?) and talking either to the voices in her head or to some people who are popping in and out of Facebook. Possibly both.

Around 3:10 she starts talking about her participation in the “full forensic audit.” At 4:28 she talks about “the Dominion voting binder.” 21:00 is pretty good. That’s the mark of the beast and the vaccine, but that’s old material. 21:35 she’s talking about sending her five year old to private school because she doesn’t trust public schools, “where children are being taught to hate their country, being taught to hate their parents, being taught all these transgender studies and confusing our kids…” You know the rest of that riff, but this is the first time I’ve heard that kids were being taught to hate their parents.

At 24:00 is population control, which I like. Apocalyptic conspiracy theories are my favorite. Then at 24:39 she closes in for the kill. “They’re” (government) “trying to eliminate white people in America. The white male in particular.” Wow. White people are an endangered species. I’m surprised Donald Trump Jr. hasn’t shot one of us already and made us into a rug.

Then she starts in on a pitch to send Christmas cards and letters to the insurrectionists in the slammer and it turns into a real snoozer after that until 32:35 when she says “I am going to need three to four hundred people for my election alone. And everyone’s gonna need it.”

Now that is sobering. If we figure out how many candidates there are in 2022, and multiply by 400, my God, how are we going to monitor these elections?

The tape meanders on for another 50 minutes or so, but these are the highlights. Why bother with Mellissa Carone and right-wingnuttia? Two reasons: 1) We don’t want to get fooled again, like when we were lulled into a liberal stupor for eight years with Obama and thought that Hillary was going to handily beat Trump; and 2) Things have gotten much worse since 2016 and even since last year. 2022 may be democracy’s last stand and this fruit fly, ludicrous as she is, is a part of the forces in this country who could make that happen. It bears keeping an eye on these people for serious reasons and for entertainment value, they can’t be beat.


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