Over the past weekend, Hungary’s Viktor Orban made a speech so openly racist and offensive in its content that it prompted the resignation of one of his long time aides, who called the speech “worthy of Goebbels.”

Washington Post

“During a July 23 address (in which he said immigration should be called “population replacement or inundation”) he gave voice to the belief underlying his nationalism: He opposes the mixing of races.

“Migration has split Europe in two — or I could say that it has split the West in two,” he said, after commending to his listeners a 50-year-old racist treatise. “One half is a world where European and non-European peoples live together. These countries are no longer nations. They are nothing more than a conglomeration of peoples.” He went on to contrast that with “our world,” in which “we are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed race.”

That was too much even for Orban’s longtime adviser Zsuzsa Hegedus, who resigned and lambasted the prime minister for “a pure Nazi speech worthy of Goebbels.” She said the speech could “please even the most bloodthirsty racists” and suggested he was “advocating an openly racist policy that is now unacceptable even for the Western European extreme right.”

Well, Ms. Hegedus, you are correct about Orban’s appeal to the most bloodthirsty of racists, because as it happens, he will be speaking to a CPAC audience in Texas next week where I am sure he will receive a warm reception:

He (Orban) has enjoyed a fawning interview and favorable broadcasts from Budapest by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, and he has been invited as a featured speaker to next week’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas alongside a who’s who of Republican senators, governors and members of Congress, as well as former president Donald Trump himself. Several such luminaries addressed a CPAC gathering in Hungary in May, at which Trump described Orban as “a great leader, a great gentleman.”

Yes, Orban might be too racist for Eastern Europe but he will be the toast of Dallas next week when he mingles with CPAC luminaries like Matt Schlapp and his fellow Guests Sean Hannity, Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon, Rep. Jim Jordan, Glenn Beck, Steve Bannon, Rep. Lauren Boebert, Matt Schlapp, Mercedes Schlapp and Sara Carter, and other fascism curious types like Tucker Carlson, who fawns at Orban’s knee like an obedient toy poodle.

That should be a fun gathering…


Stay tuned for more from Dallas and CPAC next week…

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  1. Both Orban and Belarus’ Lukashenko will be the ones to watch as far as fascist sugar daddies going forward. Putin is on his way out from life and it’s obvious that there’s no homegrown leadership left in the GOP after Trump. I tout Liz Cheney as the next leader of the GOP but she’s no friend to these kind of people when it comes to THAT much direct influence. So…keep an eye on these two.

  2. Well, the US could actually quash his little visit by declaring him persona non grata and not allowing him to come to the US–especially not for what would essentially be “personal” reasons.

    If he were planning to speak before the UN, it would be much more difficult to justify barring his entry but the US has barred “undesirables” (politicians or otherwise) for decades when their visits have NOT been deemed “official business.”

    • There’s something better that in theory could be done. I’m having this fantasy of thousands of WHITE and only white people (that piece of shit needs to see only white “European people doing it) lining his travel route from the airport to his hotel. The more old white folks like me (I’m a senior citizen now) the better. Each person would have a sign – a big piece of white posterboard with a fucking Nazi symbol on it – which would get his attention. However if would also have big block lettering in his language saying “Take your NAZI, Fascist Racist Ass Back Home!” Each person on his travel route would wear the sign on their BACK, and turn around as his limo gets to them so he sees white person after white person literally turning their back on him and displaying a big sign calling him out for what he is. In my fantasies such a thing would happen – thousands and thousands of WHITE people telling him he’s a piece of shit and we don’t want him or his bullshit ideology here.

      A guy can dream can’t he?

  3. My 5 uncles served during WW2. They were in Europe & the pacific. I watched one of the great war movies, In Harms Way, the other night. It was about the naval war in the pacific. Starred John Wayne, kirk Douglas, Henry fonda, & many other stars. Maybe cuz I was in the navy, & lived on a battleship tender, I could use my imagination more effectively than the 99% of our citizens who NEVER served. 400,000 US troops died in that war. Many were physically & psychologically scarred. A nazi on our shores speaking publicly should be at least dodging fruit during a speech, if not worse. We should be ashamed to allow this evil to occupy ANY position of authority in our country. Note to you occasional trolls with your thumbs down & inane posts. YOU ARE EVIL TRAITORS. PERIOD. If this country allows it then we are asking for it all over again. I don’t believe violence solves anything, but we didn’t send our troops into harms way with good arguments. The fucking politicians are scared of these asshats. Really? You should be scared of people in the majority who may be pushed to pick up the literal fight to stop you. My uncles did it for me. I’m willing to do it for my children. Of course, the best alternative is to fucking vote EVERY REPUBLICAN OUT OF WHATEVER OFFICE THEY RUN FOR. Democracy isn’t free. It’s been paid for in blood. Always.

  4. Where is that Overton Window in the USA now?

    I’ve been standing here, slightly left of center, and the last I saw it was heading to the right.

    Now it seems to have gone out of sight.

    • Avoid the mistake of thinking the right wing bubble is the whole universe, like its inhabitants do. Your sanity will thank you.


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