Lauren Boebert took time out from her appearances at the CPAC Convention in Dallas to air cultural grievances with her fellow nutjobs at Glenn Beck’s Dallas based “Blaze TV”, touching on such pressing issues such as – ‘If the gays have a flag, why can’t we have a Heterosexual Sex Flag that flies just as high and proud as old glory?

Yeah, she did that…

Why does it look like prison stripes? 🤔

We’re gonna need a bigger pole.



Unfortunately I can…



We have a winner, folks!👇

Dick pills and heterosexual sex flags!

What a country!

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  1. A “heterosexual sex flag”? Is that one you raise when you are going to have heterosexual sex? Is it really needed? Seems like people have heterosexual sex quite often and nobody needs to be warned. Or do I need to do that “consider the source” thing…

  2. I’m hetero, and personally would rather fuck than waste time flying and pointing to my hetero flag. Of course, while a sex life has (sadly dammit) not been part of my life for longer than I care to admit it doesn’t matter all that much to me. But given how fanatical these asshats are I can’t help but think back. I was only married once and for only six years, the last couple of which didn’t include any sex. But we never even seriously discussed, much less attempted to have kids so none of our sex life was for the purposes of procreation. So there’s that which no doubt offends the morality of these dipshits. But most of the sex in my life has been outside the bounds of matrimony. Oh the horrors! I never had as much sex as I wanted to (how many people are so lucky to have all the sex they want?) but I never, ever had it with the intent of making a baby. It was just for pure physical and (thankfully usually) emotional pleasure. And for that, as far as these oh so “righteous” people are concerned I’ll burn in hell! So WTF good would flying a heterosexual flag do? Bet trying to answer that one would reduce them to not being able to speak, but rather just sputter.

  3. May I suggest a,black.background with a,huge pink hole penetrated by a dic pic? Or maybe just a tiny penis with a mushroom head? I am.sure Trump would volunteer to pose for it.

  4. She simply wants it easier for her to identify potential tricks now that her choke and puke has been shut down. Nothing like having a hoor in congress….


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