It’s not surprising that Ron DeSantis professes so much admiration for both Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh. That’s the kind of political animal he is, too, in public life for financial gain and attention, nothing more. DeSantis’ latest ploy has been to use his access to the coronavirus vaccine as a bargaining chip with wealthy donors. Of course he denied that fact when it first came to light, but like so many cover ups, once the lid is first lifted it’s not all that long before it’s entirely blown off. New Civil Rights Movement:

At issue is the method by which officials in Manatee County had initially set up vaccination eligibility versus the way that vaccination eligibility was actually determined.

The key figure here is Manatee County Commissioner Vanessa Baugh, who reportedly coordinated with the governor’s office to organize high-profile vaccination events in the county.

“Baugh and her fellow commissioners had voted unanimously in January to make the [vaccination] standby pool random, in order to make the system more equitable,” writes the Tampa Bay Times. “But text messages indicate neither Baugh nor the governor’s office suggested relying on the random pool to pick who would get the vaccine at the Lakewood Ranch event.”

Instead, the governor’s office directly asked Lakewood Ranch developer Rex Jensen to make a list of people who would get prioritization for vaccinations. […]

“Emails show that Baugh directed the county’s public safety director and staff to pull only those residents who had listed their zip codes as 34202 and 34211 when they registered,” reports the Tampa Bay Times. “Both zip codes are in Baugh’s district.”

This is classic favoritism and that is a tenet of how the GOP operates. This is just another textbook case. It would be routine, but for the fact that DeSantis has botched the coronavirus response in Florida so badly and so many people have died.

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  1. And yet they rant on about ‘the evils of communism’ and it’s inevitable corruption. It’s the Republican way, corruption and favoritism are A-OK as long as they benefit. It’s why they want power, so they can ‘exercise it’ for themselves.

  2. The fact the DeSantis “won” the Nov. 2018 election by only 42,000 votes seems highly suspicious. D Andrew Gillum really should have challenged his 42,000 vote loss in court and requested an audited recount. Florida could have avoided all the criminal dictatorial acts by criminal DeSantis who is most happy receiving bribes from the rich & powerful in exchange for killing as many lower-income Floridians as possible of SARS-CoV-2 to keep himself in power and control. Especially now that we know how much of a career criminal DeSantis is and knowing what’s gone on in Florida over the recent past with the corruption with the Florida R party. The examples of corruption and criminality are numerous and copius: A few include: The Rs in control of voting in several FL counties refusing to count valid votes in counties they control to stay in power, hanging chads, rigging the ballot order in Palm Beach County to ensure errors are made in their favor; voter suppression of all types; imposing poll taxes to prevent former felons from voting, the Brooks Brothers Riot, illegally arresting Rebekah Jones for providing accurate COVID death numbers in FL after she was fired for refusing to manipulate the numbers to cover up total reported deaths in FL; continuing the banning of the use of the term “climate change” to describe climate change related rising ocean level flooding of Florida coastline cities. No doubt DeSantis & GOP-Nazi Freedom Caucus’s next money and power grab will be attempting to rig the national vote to have DeSantis installed as POTUS in January 2025.

  3. OMG…Give it up already! Are you not happy enough that Biden and Big Tech threw the election? The US has been hurt enough with this Regime, without the continuation of going after the rest of us 75million US Citizens.

    Try and be civil for once!

    • Janie, it was 75million traitors. It was known that tRump was all in with the Russians in 2016. You Republicans don’t care. You people have always been traitors that hate the Constitution and democracy.


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