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Let’s just be honest shall we, because when I talk to you, that’s all I know how to be. Biden and the Democrats have fought the good fight. They have used science, facts, the bully pulpit, pleading, bribes and mandates to get more than 220 million Americans vaccinated against Covid-19. 220 million citizens vaccinated in 14 months is an incredible number, especially when considering the headwinds the Democrats were sailing into. But it’s over. It has to be.

Because people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I’m one of them. Biden finally made good on a multi Presidential promise to get our troops out of Afghanistan, because the nation was weary of war. But he’s losing this battle as well. A recent poll indicated that 70% of Americans are ready to move on from Covid. That number can’t just be GOP fucktards. A good portion of Democrats and independents are also sick of living under two years of partial lockdown. That’s a simple fact, and there is nothing that Biden or the White House, or messaging can do to change that. People are sick and tired of Covid.

We have reached the point of what economists call diminishing returns. Pretty much anybody in the country that is even seriously considering being vaccinated has already been vaccinated by now. And the FUX News fueled GOP fucktards on the right are never going to get vaccinated. Those are just simple facts.

Look, like most of you, I am double vaxxed as well as boosted, just like Teri. And both Teri and I have survived a tussle with Omicon. But at this point, even the CDC says that there isn’t much more we can do to protect ourselves. We’re as good as it gets.

My wants are simple. I want to walk into my local casino, order a beer, sit down at a machine, grab a swig, hit my vape module, without having to drop down a goddamn mask in order to do it. I want to walk into Smith’s (Kroger) to grab some groceries without looking like Jesse James showing up to rob the place. And it turns out that so do most Americans. The 70% who are fully compliant with the government vaccination orders.

The Biden administration, as well as Democratic Governors need to realize that it’s over. Restrictions aren’t going to do any more good. People just aren’t listening. I want to walk into a locals casino or a store with the breeze in my face. We have done everything they asked. There is nothing more to give.

And as for the anti vaxxer GOPtards? Fuckem. There’s an old saying, You can’t rape the willing. Well, you can’t save the unrepentant either. The vast majority of us will be able to go back to living our lives with little or no inconvenience. And as regarding the fucktards? We suffered through 2 years to five them time to see the light. Time for them to make or break it on their own.

It is time for Democratic Governors to lift mask restrictions, as well as gathering restrictions. Businesses should be free to require proof of vaccination for entry. But I find this interesting. A Washington State trooper quit in October rather than give into Governor Inslee’s vaccine mandate. His final statement was Jay Inslee can kiss my ass. Fox made a celebrity of him. He died last Friday on a ventilator from Covid. Since his departure in October, his GoFundMe page had raised about $7100. Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC asked his viewers to chip in to help the family of this tragedy, and within 15 minutes, $10,000 poured in. And as O’Donnell pointed out, Rupert Murdoch won’t pitch in a dime. There’s nothing else to do.


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  1. I understand how you feel, but I can’t go back to normal. I’m triple vaxxed as is my husband, but he is a transplant recipient and on immuno-suppressive drugs. So he has maybe 13% (best case scenario according to Johns Hopkins) more protection than someone unvaxxed. So, while I have no problem w/you being unmasked, some would take exception to me continuing to mask. If I were to catch a break-thru case and pass it on to my husband, I don’t think I could live w/myself.

    • We just had this discussion following chapel in my 55+ independent living building. Our chaplain has attended several residents’ Covid-related deaths. One resident who had contracted Covid was being air lifted to a regional trauma hospital when, mid-air, the team was diverted to another hospital because the trauma hospital didn’t have a space (not just a BED, but even a GUTNEY in their ER). The woman had to be intubated in the helicopter and she didn’t make it to the second hospital in time. She died in the medivac helicopter.

      We are ALL tired of the whole pandemic thing. But do we have the right to turn our backs on those of our fellow human beings who are at high risk to lose their lives if the contract Covid? My only sister is in Stage 4 COPD. She wants to die at home and she is receiving hospice services. Her own daughter, my niece, is afraid to visit her mother for fear she will somehow unknowingly carry the virus into her mother’s home. She lives several states away from me, and I would be on a plane to go see her if it weren’t for Covid. So for people like my sister, and tuckedd’s spouse, just wear a mask! Come on, people! You take your shoes off at the airport because nineteen terrorists went berserk and flew commercial jets full of people into buildings. A near 3000 people were killed. Eight hundred and ninety five thousand people have died. One more is too many more. Why can’t you wear a mask a while longer! Maybe a long while longer. Like the Nike folks say, Just. Do. It.

  2. “It is time for Democratic Governors to lift mask restrictions, as well as gathering restrictions. Businesses should be free to require proof of vaccination for entry.”

    The only problem, in case you haven’t been paying close attention, is that in GOP-led states, those governors (along with some very compliant legislatures) have tried to make it ILLEGAL for PRIVATE BUSINESSES from being “free to require proof of vaccination for entry” or requiring masks of customers entering (or trying to enter) the store. Hell, in NYC this past week, it was reported that Sarah Palin had been in a restaurant WITHOUT A MASK (despite the mask mandate in that city) and what happened? Nothing. (The restaurant’s owner even claimed he wasn’t aware of her being in the restaurant and it’s hard to believe that none of the wait staff didn’t notice.)

    Yes, it would so nice to go back to pre-COVID life but, if you watch what goes on in East Asia during flu season or a fresh outbreak of SARS, every last person is walking around with a mask–and they’ve been doing that pretty much for the last 15 years. It’s basically a part of normal life there, mainly because the countries are so crowded: Hong Kong’s population density is over 17,000 people per square mile; Japan’s is 870; South Korea’s is over 1300; even China’s is nearly 400; by comparison, the US’s is a mere 88. (It should be noted that the population density isn’t quite as accurate as it should be since it averages an entire population over a country’s entire land mass, even if not all the land is truly habitable. Even in the US, density varies by area: New York City’s population density is 27,000 people per square mile while New York State’s is only about 430 but both are well above the nationwide average.)

  3. we have no mask mandate in Texas, however 50-60% of people in the store shopping for groceries are masked as are almost all employees. Sure I would love to go maskless, (although I have found in the winter it does provide a nice face covering). Most of us prefer protection. Reminds me a bit of the HIV, sure it feels better without protection, but anyone who says ok about going without protection is probably someone you should not go with without protection.

  4. It’s a damn deadly virus & NO ONE should be ALLOWED to go around without a vaccine period. There needs to be a MANDATE & penalties if not followed. Would we allow any country, etc., to kill over a million citizens, more than ww2,korea,vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan combined & IT IS STILL KILLING THOUSANDS DAILY. Not one of these assholes would have a high school diploma & therefore no job cuz u had to prove vaccinations to go to school. These fuckers are not for democracy, nor for life itself. They should find the going really hard just like they would if they kept insisting they were free to drive as fast as they want despite constantly running over children. Time to stop playing politics & time to play hardball. Otherwise you get what u tolerate. Hey if u have a provable medical issue no problem. Fuck ur made up religious bullshit. I majored in Religion at a great university so u don’t want to bring ur ignorant ass to use the Bible to justify murderous selflessness. Ur feelings will be hurt & ur do called beliefs shaken.

  5. Not all vulnerable populations can be vaccinated yet. If you’re under 5, there is still no vaccine. Once that group is cleared to receive a vaccine, then AND ONLY THEN, should we consider ending mask mandates.

    • The real problem isn’t the under 5 age group. There are FREE & EFFECTIVE vaccines for adults & 30% are on a mass suicide mission. There are vaccines for kids 5 & over & these goddamn ignorant fascist antidemocratic morons think they have a right to spread PROVABLE DEATH. Time to stop coddling these buttwipes.

        • Who’s a fool? So the 30% of adults who choose to go unvaccinated & choose to not vaccinate their SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN aren’t the problem? Under 5 aren’t school children & there ARE vaccines for everyone else. Can u read? Adults drive everything not 4 yr olds. Grow up. Ever raise children? I’ve raised three. How many trips to daycare, elementary school or middle school have YOU done? I think I know the answer.

  6. Murf…I’m saying this as a friend, one who lives in an undeclared COVID hotzone. But are you listening to yourself right now? “I’m tired of this disease, so I want it off the island!”

    Come…on. I know that you are old enough to know that this has never been how that works. The disease cares about exactly ONE thing: finding fresh human hosts to infect. You do what you’re saying right now and…well, there’s a reason I fear Long COVID more than I do death at this juncture. Mentally, you are living through what I did a decade ago when my jobs went away. I got tired of the poverty. The poverty could care less. Make the wrong move with forces this big and impersonal, you will be squashed flat…and deserve it. So be more patient than that, please? Leave that stupidity to the MAGA maggots.

  7. I agree with being tired of the whole situation, however, there are people saying that shortly after a breakthrough case they promptly had another. I also agree that the young children and immuno challenged need our care and consideration. It’s not over until it’s over, no matter how tired of it we get.

    • Yeah but I bet if they were fully vaccinated & boosted they didn’t end up with intubation & a million dollar hospital bill. The point is viruses ARE extremely difficult to contain, but impossible with millions of walking petri dishes giving them room to kill, disable, & MUTATE.

  8. I know that we’re all tired of COVID, but I must disagree with you here. Recommending that everyone stop masking is not the way to go. COVID is here to stay, thanks to those who did not take the vaccine in the beginning when it was most effective and had a chance of wiping out COVID before it could mutate. Now that mutations are lessening the vaccine’s effect on transmissability and COVID is everywhere, this is not the time to stop maskng. In fact, it’s even more important to wear n95s when out in public.

    If you want a drink, I recommend having Drizley deliver some booze to your home, and mixing your own, rather than havng someone else breathing on your drink, or having to lower your mask to drink in public. If you want to eat, likewise pay Doordash to deliver three weeks of groceries at a time to make the fee worthwhile, snd then start cooking. People need to adapt to a new way of living, or else risk dying. The smart ones who do adapt, will live on to reproduce, the dumb ones who can’t or won’t use precautions will gradually be selected out of the population. You can choose which group you want to be in.

    Restaurants and bars will need to adapt to take out service, or fail when they gradually kill off their patrons by acting as super spreader venues.

  9. I’m tired too. And vaxxed and boosted. BUT I have severely immunocompromised family members. One with a genetic disease, and one with autism who was recently diagnosed with asthma on top of it. So yeah, that “Fuck them” attitude would kill my loved ones. I don’t care how tired we are, and neither do viruses. We are in a red enclave in a blue state with a lot of assholes around who will approach my immune compromised grandchild maskless to say how cute they are. ASSHOLES is too nice a descriptor for them. Mask up for Pete’s sake, no matter how tired you are.

  10. Have to disagree. You’re completely disregarding the 9 MILLION Americans with weakened, suppressed or non-existent immune systems. My adult daughter is one of them. We’ve kept her almost completely out of public contact since March 2020. Before COVID she’s been sick for as long as 3 straight years from other viruses; she’s had MRSA, she’s had a virus that caused her fever to spike to 106.7 and she needed to be placed in an ice bath before being rushes to the hospital; she also has an incurable tropical fungus on her skin. If she were to catch COVID it would either be a death sentence or she’d be sick with it for the rest of her life. Because she lives with my wife and I, we too have been taking extreme precautions to prevent becoming infected with any exposure to public.

    The thing is vaccinations isn’t even the most important thing one can do to prevent becoming infected, although it’s what may end up finally ending this pandemic – if that ever happens in our lifetimes. In addition to & MORE important than vaccinations is using/wearing proper PPE, not touching your face, using viral-killing disinfectants on skin and using a UV disinfector box to place personal items after potential exposure in public. We wear fit tested, proper fitting N-95 mask with double filters when in public or 3 layered one-use disposable masks; eye shields; carry alcohol liquid disinfectant to all exposed skin before, during and after entering a public place and will even strip down after returning from a public place with, bagging our clothes until laundered. Inside the home we continually disinfect surface with hydrogen peroxide. Of course we’ve all been triple vaxxed too and this month my daughter will get her 4th COVID Vaccine, despite not producing any detectable antibodies following the first 3 vaccinations.

    Bottom line is, the minor inconvenience of wearing masks in public, getting vaccinations, disinfecting and practicing proper hygiene to prevent the spread of germs….makes the difference for the up to 9 million Americans being able to EVER resume a normal life or else risking death and permanent disability. COVID is not like the flu. It attacks, targets & permanently damages organs throughout the body: the lungs the brains, the kidneys, the liver in some; causing blindness, and complete loss of hearing in others. This is happening to those with no history of compromised immune systems, but for those with a compromised immune system like my daughter, it’s a certainty.
    What’s going on now proves that too many Americans these days are way too selfish to care about anyone but themselves and their own instant gratification. You think it sucks having to put on a mask and get vaxxed, try living through this pandemic as one of the 9 million with a compromised immune system with millions of others acting like it’s their God-given right and freedom to spread deadly germs to whomever they please. If Lucifer exists, no doubt he’s cheering them on.

  11. My husband and I are vaxxed, boosted and had our flu shots. We still mask in public, and we are careful about eating in a restaurant. His boss’ wife had a transplant at Thanksgiving. I mask for her. His coworker has 2 small children, one only 4 months old. I mask for her children. I mask for all the ones like them that I don’t know, but still care about. I mask for my mom in her 80’s and in poor health. I mask for myself because I’m at higher risk. I don’t care about the idiots who are too stupid to get the shots, but I care about the innocent bystanders they might infect. I don’t find a wearing a mask too high a price to pay to keep other innocents from possibly getting Covid.


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