This belongs in Schrodinger’s cat box. This has to be heard to be believed. I know that baffling them with bullshit is how the intelligentsia of the right likes to approach things, but I have to think that the likes of Steve Bannon and a few others that actually have some level of education and intellect are going to find this a bit too much.

Here is Sherri Tenpenny explaining COVID’s place in the cosmos. I hope you’re sitting down.

This is the same wingnut who claimed that the COVID vaccine could magnetize you. She’s a medical doctor, incredibly, who found herself in a mountain of debt and figured out that the only way out of it was to bastardize her medical degree and become an anti-vaxxer. Since then she’s made a nice dollar and so you can expect for this to continue. Insider:

In March, the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) named Tenpenny among 12 anti-vaxxers responsible for spreading 65% of all false information about vaccines, dubbing them the “Disinformation Dozen.”

The report has been influential, and was name-checked by President Joe Biden in July, who said: “These 12 people are out there giving misinformation. Anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it.” The remark came after his explosive comment that anti-vax claims on Facebook were “killing people.”

But even censure from the most powerful person in the world can only do so much. Anti-vaccine disinformation has crept up on the Biden administration’s COVID-19 response, complicating the rapid rollout of free, life-saving vaccines.

Tenpenny’s limited following of around 115,000 people across conventional social-media platforms (she was recently banned from Twitter) obscures her true reach.

Between her podcast, appearances on Infowars, and speeches at right-wing rallies, she’s had more than 1.5 million streams.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are now saying that vaccine misinformation is contributing to the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” In the Ohio Statehouse, Tenpenny knew that Democrats, who opposed the bill against vaccine mandates, would confront her with the “Disinformation Dozen” label.

“I said, ‘yeah! I’m kind of proud of that, that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?'” she told her Bible study group. “I just, like, pivoted it.”

She chuckled. “Idiots.”

Tenpenny thinks everybody is an idiot and that’s how she’s playing it. She’s got the idiots who listen to her and send her money and then there’s those of us who confront her and she thinks we’re idiots too, and uses that as a badge of honor. Nice racket.

Tenpenny sells a suite of four educational courses on COVID-19, priced at $79 a module, though currently discounted to $24.95.

In course materials viewed by Insider from the “Social Distancing and Contact Tracing” module, Tenpenny cited the leading atmospherics researcher Professor Lidia Morawska from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Morawska had written an influential paper about the methodology of assessing airborne infection, calling for a more nuanced understanding, as Insider’s Hilary Brueck reported. She had referred to the “dogma” of older science, saying it needed refreshing.

Tenpenny presented the quote with little further context, framing it as part of an argument that social distancing is useless in preventing infection.

“Dr. Tenpenny completely misrepresents what I say,” Morawska told Insider. “I never said that distancing is useless, quite to the contrary.”

Tenpenny is making it all up out of whole cloth, but I confess, this new spin into physics is a doozy.

Quantum entanglement is an offshoot of quantum mechanics that says two particles can instantly communicate with one another, even across cosmic distances. What that has to do with your credit scores, or with the global pandemic, don’t ask me. Tenpenny is a fraudster, plain and simple, with no respect for anybody’s intelligence and so she’s standing up there making it all up on the fly — and taking it to the bank.

That’s this “doctor’s” only value, is can she convert fraud into the coin of the realm. As long as that is the case, she’s going to be spewing out drivel.

“First do no harm” may be part of the Hippocratic oath she took, but she’s killing people and she’s just fine with it. It got her out of debt and now she’s a fat cat.

I wonder if there’s going to be a separate circle in Hell for right-wing fraudsters who’ve caused deaths from lying about COVID-19? Because if there was any justice in the cosmos, there would be, quantum entanglement or not.

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  1. She is wrapping it up with “faith and biblical teaching”. I guess that gives her more credibility with her target audience. They seem to like their CT with a side of religion.

  2. One of the reasons I have lost respect for the medical & legal profession as a whole is the powers that be never police themselves. Their members violate their oaths. They rarely do anything to their members. They are a tribe & as long as u belong doesn’t matter what u do.

  3. I’d like to cure this mess & get healed at the same time by holding a bunch of these folks’ heads underwater & watch the bubbles stop. I could see how a fella or gal could get a lot of satisfaction from that activity. I call it the ongoing Children’s Crusade,(thanks Vonnegut).

    • because if you remain unvaccinated you are 40 to 50 times more likely to be hospitalized if you catch Covid. Do you want to live? Do you want to avoid long-term health consequences? Get the shot.


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