This is stunning. This is a piece of oratory on Jamila Jayapal’s part and it probably will go down in history that way, in the same archive as Roosevelt’s, “December 7, 1941 a day that will live in infamy,” address to Congress. Both commentaries are succinct, pithy, and insightful.

She got it smack perfect, dead on the money right. Woot!

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  1. It was almost perfect. I just we’d she’d added “To paraphrase a moment in American history we all know – you’ve proven At long last, you have no sense of decency. Or fairness.”

    • Back in the 50’s there was one Joseph McCarthy. He was enough. Now, we’ve got a whole cabal of them. BTW, Denis, did I ever tell you that I had a friend who was McCarthy’s roommate in the Marines?

      • I don’t think you ever told me that. It’s the kind of thing that would stick in my mind – jarheads that are a disgrace to the Corps really get to me. His “tail-gunner” exploits are said to have been exaggerated which doesn’t surprise me in the least. Even if he did volunteer for it and only flew on ten or so missions. That’s at least better than Pat Robertson who spent the weeks where his unit was gearing up to head to the west coast and then on to a very hot war in Korea whining and complaining that his daddy the Senator wasn’t pulling strings to keep him stateside and safely away from any risky stuff. Like combat. He’s lucky his fellow boot brown bars didn’t beat him within an inch of his life in a middle of the night “blanket party” as it’s one of those widely known but kept quiet secrets they were sick of listening to him. Not to mention afraid his cowardice might wind up getting them and their own troops killed. Of course, Robertson’s dad did come through for him at the last minute and secured a cushy staff job for him here in the States.

        As I said while the Corps has had some extraordinary people serve in it a handful have been extraordinarily and despicably bad – either while on active duty or afterwards in trading on their service to attain power in the civilian world. And grossly abusing that power!

  2. I was stunned he acted so cavalier about his hypocrisy. She nailed his arse to the barn door. Someday he needs his own room in Fed custody.

  3. This is precious. I guess I’ll have to look up the whole exchange so I can savor Barr’s reaction.

    Reminds me of Rep. Katie Porter’s stilleto wit when questioning Mnuchin.

    This happened to my brain=??, then=??.


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