Albert Einstein once said, “Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” A funny thing, time is. No matter how much you would like to have something happen in 2022, there is no way that you know of to do that now, no matter how hard you try to think it into happening. So here we go, headlong into 2023. Allen and Kiki are excited to be along for the ride.

Twenty-three skidoo became an American catchphrase, surprisingly, not in 1923, but in 1906, and it means to end something. I think we are all ready to end many somethings of the past few years, and what better time than this new set of twelve months, 2023. (Thanks to Wickepedia for the info on this.)

According to, in numerology, the angel number 23 holds much positive energy and denotes new beginnings, progress, and transformation. I’m not into numerology, but that sounds good to me.

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Despite lots of help from Allen and Kiki, I have started three diaries for this day and, at least temporarily, abandoned two of them. I’m hoping that these thoughts for the first week of the new year will keep my writing muse moving and amuse you as you are reading.

Mergatroyd was a sweet armadillo
who cleaned all the floors with a Brillo
He mixed toothpaste and beer
sparkling floors for the new year
then rested his head on a pillow

Image attributions: unsplash/beazy (floor); pixabay/k mccall (armadillo); unsplash/ ifrah-akhter pillow); pixabay/bohumil sluka (beer); Brillo box (Patrick Haney), Brillo pad (David Hilowitz); toothpaste (wwarby) all licensed under CC by-ND 2.0

There once was a cranky old boar
who found Bowl games to be such a bore
He’d tune into the game
then doze off –what a shame
and he never did find out the score

Image attributions:unsplash/ed-van-duijn (boar); phillip-goldsberry (sofa); rawpixel (happy new year)

With the year being right on the brink
two llamas decided to drink
Those silly old llama
stood there in pajamas
then fell asleep early, I think

Image attributions:unsplash/mateusz-unsplash (blue llama); arne-verbist (pink llama); ambitious-creative-co-rick-barrett (table); bogdan-kupriets (floor)

Someone has noted to me that the pictures above are of alpacas, masquerading as llamas. If so, I apologize. I’d change the poem, but then it wouldn’t rhyme with pajamas…ah, the trials of the poet! The next one is for sure not an alpaca.

Lynette was the name of the mink
who got herself dressed all in pink
She went out on the town
in her sparkling new gown
shouting Happy New Year with a wink

Image attributions:rawpixel; flickr/longertsman (mink)

A lovely brown cow and her calf
partied up with a crazy giraffe
they cheered when the ball
hailed the new year to all
then they sat down and started to laugh

Image attributions:pixabay/yann le cointre (cow and calf); pexels/magda ehlers (giraffe); unsplash/ajeet-mestry ajeet-mestry (TV); Brechtbug, licensed under CCby NC ND (Times Square ball); pixabay (2023); unsolash/alexander grey (background)

A tiger came in with a lope
said to all, There’s no reason to mope
This is now a new year
Let’s all be of good cheer
Face the future with love and with hope

Image attributions:pixabay/marcel langthim (tiger); gerd altmann (fireworks)

Mike and Sue were two happy young whales
who sang to the gulls and the quails
They sang Happy New Year
to all who would hear
and waved to the world with their tails

Image attributions:pixabay/siggy nowak (whale)

A kangaroo, a bear and an ox
got a job on a program at Fox
but when ordered to lie
their dudgeon got high
embarrassed by all of the schlox
and they left there to play on the rocks
in their socks
with their clocks
How it shocks!
My goodness, this is ridiculous, isn’t it? !!

Image attributions:unsplash/photoholgic (kangaroo); ybag media (ox); anvesh baru (bear); jon Tyson (microphone)

May the troubles of the old year
cast a short shadow
and the sunshine of a new year
bring hope for the days ahead

 And may the time of new beginnings
signal a renewed chance
for the inhabitants of this planet
to make a world
where love is strong enough to overshadow hate
where every creature can be at peace
and where the gift of this spectacular, complex world
is preserved for all who come after us

 Stay well

 Have a Happy 2023 !

Image attributions:Robert S (trashcan); unsplash/ aiman-syahmi garden)
Image attributions: pixabay (sign); Apricot Cat/MVK (cats)














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  1. This is the best mind-cleanser and it’s much needed among all the current craziness.
    I absolutely adore your limericks! I think the happy whales were my favourite – it’s a tough contest though! – because they waved to the world with their tails. What a delightful image!

    Thank you so much for ushering in the New Year with such joy!

    🤗💖🥳💕🎊💖🤗mina, Allen and Kiki🤗💖🥳💕🎊💖🤗

  2. I got my days mixed up and just realized today’s Thursday. But I found you. Thank you very much for the respite from the craziness.


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