It is one wild day and it’s not even noon on the west coast. My Gawd. We have seen the Manhattan court house being barricaded and security cameras going up, we have seen Ron DeSantis’ image being burned in effigy and we have seen Jim Jordan claim that he’s going to take action against Alvin Bragg.

The GOP Revenge Tour grinds on and now Donald Trump has weighed in.

I’m sure you recall when Trump posted a fuzzy image of DeSantis with some of his high school students, back in the day. Trump is reposting the image and he’s got a wisecrack to go along with it.

Here’s Trump’s original slur.

And here is the interaction between the two leading contenders for the GOP ticket. No policy differences, nothing like that. It’s all a fight about whether the one who is a governor will call out the National Guard to protect the one who’s being indicted and protect him from extradition. The governor said no, so the indictee is trashing him any way that he can.

GOP, aren’t you glad you trashed yourselves by getting in bed with this man? Not to mention how you’ve trashed the rest of us?


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  1. Watching the GOP tear itself to pieces is the best thing I’ve watched in a very long time. If all of this shit they are doing to themselves (and the nation) doesn’t thin out their ranks in Congress, state houses, etc. Americans are considerably stupider than I ever thought and I think we are a country of half-witted slugs.


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