Today the faux-beautiful people gathered at Mar-a-Lago to spend money and impress one another and if tackiness were currency, this freak fest alone would have paid off the national debt. But don’t worry, there will be more. Don’t forget that the RNC is doing a big soiree here in a few days. This is their identity these days, apparently. So much for Richard and Pat Nixon and her sensible Republican cloth coat, you remember that? Minks were for those wastrels, the Kennedys, not for the icons of the party of fiscal responsibility. If Pat Nixon had shown up to this fete, dressed like that, they would have shown her the servant’s entrance.

The comparison to Eyes Wide Shut is obvious, but truth be known, Rocky Horror Picture Show might be more apt. You decide.

I never thought the party of conservatism would look like a cattle call for a porn movie, but lo, I have lived to see the day.

This is the party of family values, take careful note.


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    • Actually, the Mythbusters did manage to polish sh*t. But no matter how much orange spray tan you spray on the sh*t, its still SH*T! You can even put gold leaf on sh*t…hey, that would give the republiQanon cult their golden idol to worship!

  1. Anyone still scared that Mr. Tangerine Man is a threat can breathe now. And the rest of that crowd? Remember their names and faces for later.

    • Oh, they’re women? I thought they were over-the-hill drag queens who should’ve retired decades ago. I’ve seen a number of older drag queens who are still working (and some who did so until the day they died) and they looked far better than these two plastic surgery accidents.

  2. He looks older. Maybe it’s just his makeup routine has changed, or maybe the stress is affecting him.

    Also, no man ever is going to look “tough” wearing their slacks up to their rib cage to hide the gut. He looks ridiculous.

      • I don’t know how, but he looks like he’s lost weight. But it doesn’t look good; he just looks hollow. But hey, he’s old, eats a diet of garbage, and has never exercised.
        Remember the video clip of Biden bicycling and the reporter asking about his running mate and Biden answering instantly and not even being out of breath? And he just rode away. Now I’m flashing on high school English “compare and contrast.”

    • Those dresses were designed for much younger women. (And those two look like they’re after new keepers. The one on the right also needs a makeup class.)

  3. I recall images from The Shining & Rocky Horror. The pic of Nicholson in the middle of a new year’s eve party of the damned flashed to the tune of Let’s Do The Time Warp again!

  4. And yet the press feels compelled to cover his BS.
    Why exactly are forced to endure this?
    I refuse to read anything more written about him unless it involves his sentencing hearing.

    • Speaking just for myself, I think this is all hilarious. The hypocrisy, the posing, the pretense, I find this to be social satire on the level of Jonathan Swift and George Bernard Shaw. This is black comedy, to me. So that’s my reason, and that’s why I share it, so that we can laugh together.

      • You’re speaking for all of us who have a finely tuned sense of absurd humour, something close to Monty Python. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get more pics, though, including the infamous Trumpettes and an overview of the inevitable post-banquet dinner dance. And where’s Bimboley Tinfoil when we need to see her struttin’ her stuff, to put these botox-&-silicone pioneer ladies to shame? I can hardly wait for the next bash, featuring many grovelling Repugnican congress-dwellers. Keep the fun coming Ursula!

        • I fully intend to. These pompous assholes are a joke. The unforgivable tragedy is the damage done to our government and the lives lost to the pandemic, and that is no laughing matter. But the rest of it is complete farce.


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