The prodigal candidate, Donald Trump, returned to Fox News tonight. Rick Wilson opined, “Fox is making the turn back to Trump,” and so far he’s right. Wilson has also predicted that the big money donors will bring out their checkbooks eventually for Trump. We have not seen that yet, and probably won’t for a while to come. I just mention it as prophecy made but as yet unfulfilled.

Sean Hannity had Trump on tonight. Of course Ron DeSantis’s name came up, how could it not, but I doubt if Hannity or anybody was expecting Trump to go for blood. A school of sharks shows more restraint than Trump showed tonight.

And yes, we know that Trump credits himself with DeSantis’s political success. But we didn’t know that DeSantis would be flipping pizzas without him.

Not only would DeSantis be flipping pizzas, he’d be making coffee. Trump didn’t know him that well, like all of the other coffee boys.

But despite the fact of Trump barely knowing DeSantis, Trump was magnanimous enough to help him.

But wait — did Ron call him “Sir?”

Your guess is as good as mine as to why they cut Trump off. I guess they want to leave some meat on DeSantis’s bones just in case, or maybe as a hedge for 2028.

Then of course Trump had to start lying in earnest.

He did say “death and destruction” on Truth Social. It’s there and even if he deleted it, it’s been screenshotted. The internet never forgets.

The rest of the interview is pretty much his usual self delusion. He did nothing wrong, the Presidential Records Act gave him the “right to take stuff.” You’ve heard it all before.

What is intriguing now will be to see how this rehash of old material is supposed to culminate in a new result, a win for Trump and the GOP. Keep a sharp eye out for that. And come tell the rest of us at once, when you see it. Every pundit in America is waiting to see how they pull that one off, because as of right now, nobody has a clue.

The GOP is backing the ship up, repositioning it, and heading straight for the iceberg, near as anybody can tell.


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  1. I can’t wait for TFG to actually fade into the sunset. He doesn’t have to be incarcerated, but he does need at least one felony conviction. It’s hard to believe Hannity (or Murdoch) thought having Cheeto Jesus on their air now, with all their legal woes, was a good idea.

    • Somehow I visualized the word ‘incinerated’ instead of ‘incarcerated’, which would also be an acceptable option. Maybe on a stake, like in days of yore. After all, we have repug states wanting to re-instate firing squads. Why not go back to guillotines, maybe hanging (drawing and quartering for extra bad guys?), burning at the stake for all those loose women who get abortions, or just good old-fashioned stoning (not the modern fun kind)? Just a thought.

    • I would settle for house arrest with an ankle monitor at Man-go-Lardo with limits that won’t allow him to play golf but will.let him.see everyone else playing. And,except for the dining room, he is cut off from any events in which the rooms are rented by the public. Essentially, he gets out of the residence to eat. If he violates the terms, right into a federal prisoner and not a minimum security one. The Club Fed at Eglin AFB used a barracks for enlisted people: suites with a shared small sitting area and bathroom. He doesn’t deserve quarters that were considered acceptable for enlisted military. He deserves solitary confinement in a 7 by 6 cell and a job doing laundry.

  2. What boggles my mind, is the growing support for 45. I saw some poll numbers where he has 40% support against DeSantis. They attribute that to independents. I just don’t get why anyone in the general public would support him.

  3. How does he think pizzas are made? On a grill, like “hamberders”?
    I have never seen a pizza “flipped”. Tossed maybe when making the base.


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