Somebody left the strangeometer on and it’s spiking into the red zone and probably will blow up in the next five days until we see Donald Trump wing his way on his last presidential flight up and out of our lives forever. Oh glorious sight, how my sore eyes long to see thee. Until that moment, however, expect to see more batshittery. (Yes, batshit collapsed and was taken away. He thought he was Bat-man and tried to leap off a building. You knew it was going to end badly.)

Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, Mark Esper’s replacement, was interviewed lately and there’s no sense in describing it. Just take a look. It’s another entry from the If These Are The Best People Dear God I Don’t Want To Know About The Others file.

They had a mind meld. Isn’t that wonderful? Maybe if a bunch of half wits have a mind melt they’ll make up a person and a half eventually, or something.

This is the kind of mind who is deciding how to keep you safe, folks. No, I won’t blame you if you start sleeping with the lights on. I’ve decided to stay awake for the next five days, myself.



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  1. WTF? How in the hell did this guy make it up to Lt. Col. when he served? He should never have made it to 1st Lt. I’d have loved to see him flail and FAIL on the famed Reaction Course at Quantico. It would take way too long to fully explain but its a long distance run through the woods (With a tight time limit to get to the end in time to pass – to make sure everyone is tired with adrenaline pumping while having to think and make the right decisions) with stations that have an instructor give the group of four a really tough challenge – less than thirty seconds of explaining their mission, the rules as in what actions will cause them to fail, assign the team leader and how few minutes (usually around five give or take) and say GO! There are multiple stations along the route and instructors are in contact with each other to make sure everyone on a given team has to take turns as leader. This clown in charge of DOD wouldn’t last past the first mission. His own squad would take him out figuring even short-handed they had a better chance of passing without an idiot like this!

  2. Maybe he was great in old special forces days. And has gone down mightily. Otherwise, what in the hell did he get through. He actually promoted this guy? Surely folks remember Admiral Pointdexter. Mr I can’t recall. Funny how one of his commanders’ fitness report said “he has a photographic memory”! LOL

  3. It’s called unquestioning obedience, something the ruling class has infused into our school system for the past century. The tragic flaw of the germans according to a former SS member. White people, (& i’m a white boy from the western foothills of NC/VA), don’t really know our history, good & bad, & black folks don’t know theirs either. Before the criticism starts, i have an adopted mixed daughter, 25, whom i adopted at birth. I was also later married to a mixed lady from chicago & have a black stepdaughter. I’ve been with a black lady for 15 years from Alabama, who’s granddad was one of the folks the government gave syphillis. Her family isn’t the elite from Tuskegee, but the down & out folks. I know of that which I speak. Sounds too simple to be true, but until we acknowledge & VALUE the truth, we aren’t going to get better. Can’t build a country based on social justice until we start valuing knowledge, admit our failings, & re-dedicate ourselves to freedom & the truth as best we know it at the time.

  4. I feel really sorry for the poor guy on the other end of that ‘mind meld’. Jeeze, can you imagine having him in your head? It was making me nuts just trying to read it. What a moron.


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