If anyone has seen much on Twitter today, it’s filled with Carlson cherry-picking through the video given to him by Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy handed the material over to Tucker, almost surely illegally, on someone’s orders, knowing that Tucker would fill a need, a need to “cleanse” January 6th even more, such that if Trump is indicted, the MAGAs will be even more furious.

There is a reason that Tucker, the guy who is bought and paid for by Russia, (that is an opinion based on a LOT of circumstantial evidence), is the one that got the tapes. It is almost impossible to extricate Russia from the GOP, in my opinion.

Only one person genuinely benefits from this tape’s release, and that’s Donald Trump.  But if you want to hear Tucker explain that he’s only seeking out the truth, here he is. Have an empty bowl at your side:

Here is how the one guy that benefits from all this reacted. To say that it was very positive is to say that Trump is very dangerous, both a given and an understatement:

Specifically note:

. A whole new, and completely opposite, picture has now been indelibly painted. The Unselect Committee LIED, and should be prosecuted for their actions. Nancy & Mitch were a disaster on Security. Thank you Kevin and Tucker. FREE AT LAST!!!

So the stuff shown by the January 6th Committee was a movie? Just because Tucker found peaceful footage makes the footage that the Committee found wrong? Does anyone now doubt that Trump directed McCarthy (Trump owns McCarthy) to give the tapes to Tucker to whitewash? And by what authority does McCarthy have to release those tapes to one person? Does anyone doubt that Russian propaganda is at work here, whether originating there or not?

Well, Chuck Schumer has fcking had it. He tore into Tucker Carlson, calling out his lies, cherry-picking, and bullshit, and I’ve never seen Schumer this angry. He calls out Rupert Murdoch, who is currently looking at losing $1.6 billion for lies told on his station, to take Tucker off the air for the lies spewed last night, especially “Ashli Babbitt’s murder,” while posting the officer’s picture and name of who shot her.

THAT is exactly right. Tucker needs to be pulled off the air, NOW.

Want to see the damage done?

Think Rupert! Think. Haven’t you done enough to destroy this country?

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  1. God these fuckheads are gullible. Loved the post saying Hitler and the nazis were just ‘sight seeing’ in Paris. It shows them strolling around visiting sites THEY TOOK BY FORCE! The gop has become the repository for the vilest stupid people, who die to live inside a cult. Hey dumbasses you’re late! If you had followed Jim Jones to Guyana, you’d reportedly be with Jesus after drinking cyanide. So you ignore all the violent footage shown time and again. You ignore the testimony of officers WHO WERE THERE. You ignore the dead and over 140 wounded officers. But you go with a highly edited lie put out by a fascist born into wealth. Wow. You are truly some stupid and evil bastards and bitches!!! That’s a fact.

    • What do you think Jan.6th committy did. Cherry picked all the trees in D.C. I think you the DUMD A$$
      (Moderator’s Note: This commenter might well claim otherwise but the ONLY edit I made was to change the last word and replace s with dollar signs since Google seems to have us on some kind of Animal House type “Double Secret Probation” over language. I thought about being a nice guy and correcting his misspelling of the word “committee” and fixing his grammar but then thought “screw it.” There’s an old saying about keeping quiet and being thought to be a fool vs. opening your mouth – in in this case his typing a message – and removing all doubt. So other than the edit I admitted to making the rest is exactly as he typed it in. If our readers want to have some fun as his expense who am I to stand in their way?)

  2. If Tucker Carlson and Kevin McCarthy were on fire, writhing around in agony on the ground in front of me I’d be torn.

    About whether to piss on them.

    On the one hand, if I didn’t have water to put out the flames whatever non-flammable liquid I had “handy” might do the trick and human decency says do what you can to help someone.

    On the other hand, there are ingredients in urine that would burn like hell on skin that had/was suffered severe burns. It would add to the agony.

    Wait a minute! I can have it both ways. Save their lives AND torture them! Now that’s what I call a win-win scenario!


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