“The party’s over, you better call it a day, they’ve burst your pretty balloon and taken the moon away.” — Dinah Washington

Poor Mehmet Oz. All those houses, all that money, but he needs more. And guess what? His Republican constituents don’t care. Isn’t that cold? We could have told you Mehmet, you’re dealing with monsters. We know, we’ve been fighting them for years.

But some people have to learn for themselves, the hard way. Take a look at the heart wrenching pleas that Mehmet is sending out to Republicans everywhere and they are turning their backs. They make Ebenezer Scrooge look like Mother Theresa.

Oz “may have to call it quits.” Oh, nooooooooooooooooo, Mr. Bill!

He’s “at the end of his rope” and he “can’t go on.”

Who would have thought the Republicans could be such heartless bastards?

And if you think that’s heart wrenching, Mehmet, this will rip all of your guts out and throw them on the floor. Good thing you’re a surgeon, because you may need somebody to put you back together again, if this newest 538 poll is even close to being right.


The one shred of reality amongst all this kvetching over donations is that Oz probably is ready to throw in the towel. That’s very likely. This is not emphatically not what he signed up for, nor what his training or life experience as a TV personality and snake oil salesman has prepared him for.

Donald Trump told him it would be a breeze. I can hear his nasal Neanderthal tones now, “Relax, Mem, you’ve been on TV for longer than I have. Are you kidding? Shoo in. Not to worry. Even Melania likes you. Oh, and remember, you win, I get a cut. You lose, I get a bigger cut for wasting my time. But not to worry, you’ll win.”

But Oz has cause to worry, no matter how many times Trump tells him not to. The poll you saw above is brand spanking new, posted at around 5:15 p.m. PDT.

We’ll see what we shall see. But maybe Oz should save himself the embarrassment and throw in the towel.


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  1. Uh oh. Toto has pulled back the curtain on the wonderful & powerful Oz. Pay no attention to the man dancing behind the curtain.

    • My gut sense of this has always been that he had no idea what he was really getting himself into. He thought he could pull a Trump and ride his TV persona into high elective office. But his circumstances are totally different. He’s not ginning up MAGA outrage like Trump was, he’s just trying to run on name recognition, and in a turbulent political environment like this one, his b.s. is not flying.

      Plus, and this is no small deal, John Fetterman is one hell of a worthy opponent. Add all the factors together, Oz is toast.

      And I don’t know if you saw the piece I posted a few days back where he made a complete ass of himself in front of the Republican Governor’s Association. The “male organ is the dipstick of health.” Did you read that. The man looks like a complete idiot.

  2. I was wondering earlier today if drumpf is reading the polls also and see his losers are losing and decided to use his lap poodle Lindsey Graham to manufacture an excuse for the loss of The Senate and, happily, take down Mitch at the same time…

    McConnell looked like he was swallowing a battery acid cocktail when asked about Lindsey earlier…

    • That is effing brilliant. That makes total sense. As a matter of fact, that is the only theory I’ve heard so far that makes any sense at all. Write an article about it, if you can develop the idea a bit more. Something put Graham on a kamikazee mission and everybody is just open mouthed wondering what. It could be just as you say.

      And McConnell was beside himself. He does that weird chin crinkling thing. I’ve seen it before but never knew what it was. He looks like a space alien when he does it, seriously. I’m almost ready to see his face fall off and voila, it’s the disclosure scene in a sci fi movie and you see the monster underneath.

      • “Write an article about it, if you can develop the idea a bit more”. I knew it, you’re nothing nothing more than a propagandist writer. And not a very good one at that. That’s why I felt to post. No wonder I’ve never heard of you.

        • Is English your second language? I guess you only vote for lying second rate reality TV stars! Snookie for president! When she’s lying drunk on her ass, at least you can look up her skirt moron.

        • You HAD to post? ??

          Personally I have no objections if someone posts with a sensible rebuttal of any of my points but constant negative appraisals make me think that you have been evicted from your bridge and have nothing better to do than weep, wail and gnash your teeth when confronted by the fact that you are following a proven liar and con man


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