Desperate is stupid’s cousin. It is what it does. And Mike Lindell is familiar with both desperate and stupid, not to mention broke. How does taking Frankspeech public sound to you? Not exactly Howard Hughes and TWA, is it now?

Lindell has been hemorrhaging cash for quite some time and he’s dying to see those figures go the other direction now. Um…Mike? We don’t know how to break it to you exactly, but Frankspeech is a dog. I mean, a mangy, flea bitten, one eyed, no eared, three legged arthritic retarded snapping disgraceful tripod of a dog. Nobody wants to buy a piece of this thing. But you’ll find that out soon enough.

These are from the Iowa Trump rally that got tornadoed out. (Pssst….Mike? We don’t want to talk about omens, but a tornado for Don when there’s only sunshine and merriment for Ron? Just sayin.’)

More joy.

I hope she’s got some money. Or, maybe this is the transfer to wife and offshore accounts portion of the Lindell story.

You’re far better off in a money market account folks, and this is not my area of expertise. But even I can tell you that much.

Now this you’re going to love. Mike has more election fraud evidence. Of course he does. And when is it coming?

We’re not falling for it again, Mike. We’re beyond the Lucy With the Football crowd. We put the Susan Collins people to shame with what we have waited and hoped for over the years. But none of us is stupid enough to believe that by the end of May you’ll have anything new to share about election fraud.

If you haven’t done so, you need to read my piece on why Mike Lindell is always pushing the goalposts out two weeks. This is something you need to do, trust me.

Good luck with taking Frankspeech public, though, Mike. Say, does Brannon Howse have a new gig set up? Maybe water boy at Newsmax or some such? Or, is he going to go drive for Lyft? Oh, you’re doing that. Never mind.


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  1. Hey! I want to buy a piece of the Titantic! Better yet…is it too late to be strapped to the deck? Yippiiikiayyea!!!

  2. Ursula, what do you have against a “a mangy, flea bitten, one eyed, no eared, three legged arthritic retarded snapping disgraceful tripod of a dog” that you would compare it to Frankspeak?

    A mangy flea bitten, one eyed, no eared, three legged arthritic retarded snapping disgraceful tripod of a dog has feelings! The mangy flea bitten dog community demands an apology.

    • There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad humans. I myself would adopt the tripod bowser in a heartbeat. I’ve adopted several dogs who had been abused, some badly, and they were the sweetest animals anyone had ever seen after very little time in a safe home with people who cared about them-pits and pit mixes BTW.

      Sorry Ursula but you’re off base right now.

        • You could try ‘the misbegotten offspring of an illicit union between a she camel and a Barbary ape’
          Just saying 😉

          Oh and just for fun, the Linux community do tend to use the acronym for ‘File System ChecK’ (a real command , namely ‘fsck’) on appropriate occasions

  3. I think one would be better off going back in time and, after watching it ignite and turn into a flaming disaster buying a ticket for the Hindenburg!

  4. So, Mike’s taking credit for Bed Bath & Beyond’s bankruptcy because they stopped selling his crap? Why then hasn’t Walmart gone into bankruptcy? They stopped carrying his stuff (except for the garbage still on markdown/clearance–and not much of that’s left either).

  5. Don’t tell anyone, but I loved going through BB&B. Even bought a few things. However, they were too pricey and most of their merchandise could be bought on the internet for much less. That is the real reason they went under more than likely.

    • Funny thing is that Lindell’s hawking his MyCrap on TV for even less than Bed Bath & Beyond ever sold the stuff. I saw one of the “pillows” at my local BB&B about a decade ago and they were selling for somewhere around $60 then (now, you can order one–using one of Mike’s “special codes”–from TV or online for about 1/2 that price, or lower, depending on the “code”).


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