Now we get to the Moby Dick portion of the Mike Lindell saga, and yes, the sea plays a part in it. You may remember the quote, “All my means are sane, my motive and my object mad.” At least Captain Ahab knew he was nuts, not so with Lindell. Lindell’s means are his money and yes, he did have some of that. But since he joined Donald Trump’s mad quest, promulgating the Big Lie, we didn’t need Herman Melville to tell us that when there’s no cash, comes the crash.

And crash on the rocks Lindell is about to do, and in spectacular fashion, I would expect.

Lindell has borrowed $10 million in the past year, to keep going. $10 million is a lot but not when you’ve got people suing you for billions. It’s all relative, right? And it won’t last long, because Lindell claims he’s spending $1 million a month on election fraud matters.

Business Insider:

Lindell told Insider that some creature comforts — like his private jet, which had a door come off it in October — haven’t been sold yet.

“I have to get around, you know,” Lindell said.

Lindell declined to reveal who loaned him the money but told Insider that a majority of the borrowed cash had gone to defending MyPillow against the lawsuits filed against the company. One of the major ongoing lawsuits is a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, which cites both MyPillow and its owner, Lindell, in the case.

Dominion sued Lindell in February 2021, alleging that the pillow mogul defamed it by falsely claiming Dominion helped rig the 2020 election. Lindell is countersuing Dominion for $1.6 billion.

Lindell has been facing financial issues for months. In January 2022, one of Lindell’s banks, the Minnesota Bank & Trust, described him as a “reputation risk” and cut ties with him a month later. And in June, Walmart, MyPillow’s biggest distributor, pulled Lindell’s pillows from its stores.

Lindell has also been burning through his cash. In March, he told Insider he was spending “at least $1 million a month” to build social media apps like his Facebook-like platform, Frank Social.

Lindell told Insider on Wednesday night that his “burn rate” is currently still at “a million a month,” though part of this now goes to funding his newly formed “Election Crime Bureau.” The bureau consists of 40 staff members who he says are working hard to uncover more information about the 2020 election.

The Election Crime Bureau. I forgot all about them. Say, how about this: My Coffee can finance the Election Crime Bureau. No?

Watching Lindell go down is going to be entertaining. It’s a Greek tragedy, he can’t see that the flaw in his own character is what is destroying him, nothing else. There is no giant election fraud plot, it’s all in his mind. And he’s surrounded with yes men and enablers who won’t tell him the truth, as long as they’re making a buck off of him.

Let’s end with another Moby Dick quote: “For there is no folly of the beast of the earth which is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men.”

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  1. Anyone but Lindell could have seen this coming. That includes the people who’s jobs will be lost at some point so if the employees who make his piece of shit pillows in MN haven’t been trying like hell to get other jobs for at least a year now my sympathy for them is somewhat diminished. However, the part that JUMPS out at me is the part about the containers of sheets made in INDIA being lost at sea? Really? WTF about “buy American?” Mikey couldn’t somehow manage to manufacture crappy sheets (to go with his crappy pillows) here in the good ole USA? Made by “real” “Mur-i-kun” workers? Now that’s a question it would be fun to hear him asked on live TV!

    • Supposedly the “best cotton” is in India. I have no idea. My sense of things is that Lindell’s ship has been taking on water for some time now. Donald Trump was the iceberg he crashed into and he doesn’t see it.

      • One container wouldn’t be a big purchase. (And the best cotton is from Egypt and Pakistan, IIRC. It likes heat and humidity.)

  2. Wait a minute. Why is Mike getting sheets “from India?” His commercials tout (or strongly imply) that his sheets are made in the US from a “great deal” he got on some quality “Giza cotton.”

    Don’t tell me that Mike’s been lying to us all this time.

    Why–it’d break my heart!

    • Mike has the nerve to say that there are no spinners or weavers in the entire United States. I think what he means is there are no slave-labor spinners and weavers in the United States. There are times I feel for Lindell as he was targeted by the evangelical right as someone whose deep pockets they could pick. And pick they have. Bannon’s War room, Pete Santilli’s show, and other radicals are under-written by Lindell as is the ReAwaken America tour and many of the on-going Trump rallies. His own host of Lindell TV, Brannon Howse has used Lindell’s money to build his own little media empire. His lawyers keep telling him he can win these lawsuits and Kari Lake is using Lindell’s cash to push a nonsense Arizona Governor quest to the Supreme Court. And then add on all the phony “cyber experts” who have come out of the woodwork to suck off the election-crime teat. It’s a shame but Lindell has been warned over and over but it is hard to get through when people are telling him that he is God’s instrument to save America.

      • As much as Lindell has personally reviled me, I feel for the man. I do. He’s a sheep and the wolves are fleecing him. I didn’t know Brannon Howse was building his own media empire but it doesn’t surprise me. The clear image that I get is that everybody knows how to fleece the guy. When I saw Scorecard and Hammer get into the game (that guy dates back to the Dubya era) I knew Lindell would lose every dime.

        So be it. He won’t wake up.

  3. And all the other MY products he has been hawking. Actually, I saw an ad for My Pillow 2.0 on Fox. Same schtick just trying to claim its better,

    • It will indeed be sad if Lindell goes belly up, but he’s done it to himself. At least with Kari Lake you can argue that she wanted the fun of the spotlight and to pocket a couple of million bucks. Yes, that’s a good deal by anybody’s standard, particularly a grifter. With Lindell, yes, he’s a MAGA hero. But he’s a laughing stock to everybody else and he’s going broke.

  4. Living in Minnesota, my husband and I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting this guy. He was at a farmers market and he literally gave us the creeps trying to sell us his crappy pillows. And he still looks like he is on crack.

    • I’m sure he completely believed what he said when he was trying to sell you a pillow. That’s his genius, much as it is with Trump. They believe their bullshit, although Trump knows what’s really going on and Lindell is far more gullible.

      And Lindell loves being a right-wing hero.

      His story might make a great movie. Let’s see how it ends.


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