Mark this day. It’s a rare occasion when both Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell see eye to eye on much of anything, let alone passionately so, but they do on this. Tucker Carlson’s revisionist history version of the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the nation’s capitol is pure propaganda.

You’ll want to read Jason’s piece, posted earlier, and view the clips in question, if you haven’t already.

A short while later, Mitch McConnell took the podium and put in his two cents.

Here’s the letter.

It is particularly slanderous and disgusting that Brian Sicknick’s death has been trivialized and dismissed. Sicknick is a hero. He died in mortal combat protecting the Capitol. His death is a tragedy. It’s this kind of casual cruelty, which the Trump administration was known for and which Fox News megaphones, which is particularly damaging to this country.

Schumer pointed out that Tucker Carlson is “siding with the enemies of democracy” and yes he does. All the time. He loves Vladimir Putin and vice versa. I wonder how much Putin pays him, as if he didn’t have enough money already.

Still, don’t jump up and down over Mitch’s 180 turn. It didn’t last that long. Here he is refusing to lay the blame for this travesty squarely at the feet of the man who caused it, Kevin McCarthy.

Still and all, I’m thrilled McConnell took the high road even in part. This newest propaganda exercise of Fox News’, especially in light of all their legal trauma over there, is a really bad move. I am beginning to wonder if they have a death wish.

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  1. I suspect that the Murdoch scum are setting up Suzanne Scott as fall-guy in the entire Dominion lawsuit, and will do the same with this latest travesty by the disgusting Carlson.

  2. I am also glad Moscow mitch didn’t side THIS TIME with tucker. That being said, mitch let Trump walk on two proven impeachments, allowing EVERYTHING that has happened since. He’s like the guy who hands the gun to the killer, and to hedge his bets with public opinion, keeping his eye on 2024, stands over the bodies claiming he told the guy not to shoot. Like Michael told Carlos in the Godfather, ” don’t tell me you’re innocent. It insults my intelligence and makes me angry.” I’m getting used to being angry.

  3. It does not in any way erase a crime to argue that there were people present at that time and place who were not directly involved in that crime or were only peripherally involved. The point is that a massive crime was committed, with malice aforethought, as part of a conspiracy to block the peaceful transition of power after a decisive presidential election.


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