A lot of people have a crazy uncle, but if they gave an award for that, Mary Trump would take it in a walk. In a recent interview the psychologist spoke about what’s really eating Donald Trump these days and she says it’s not losing reelection, because he doesn’t care about politics. He’s a lot more busted up inside over losing the PGA golf tournament. It was reported that that “gutted” him. And then of course there’s Twitter, the love of his life, now lost to him forever. Business Insider:

Donald Trump’s Twitter ban will have upset him more than losing November’s presidential election to Joe Biden, his niece Mary has told Insider.

Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist who wrote a highly critical book of Donald Trump and her family, told Insider that the former president “didn’t care about politics” and would have instead been far more upset by Twitter’s decision to permanently bar him from the site as well as the PGA’s decision in January to pull its 2022 championship from his golf club in Bedminster, Jersey than losing the election.

“I think that being banned from Twitter and having the PGA take their tournament away from his golf courses are probably the worst things that have happened to him in the last four years,” she told Insider on Thursday.

“How is he managing without Twitter? Because even he must realize that people really aren’t paying attention to him in the same way,” she said.

And she reiterating a previous opinion, that she does not see him running for reelection in 2024. He hints at that, but only because it serves him monetarily to do so.

Mary Trump also dismissed the possibility of Trump standing for re-election in 2024, telling Insider that he was merely using the possibility of standing in order to “keep grifting” from his supporters.

“It’s all about maintaining the grip on power. He thinks on some level it’s going to allow him to continue to operate with impunity as he has done his whole life, and also it’s going to allow him to keep grifting money off of people,” she said.

I think she’s right. I think Trump has pretty much run out of steam. He doesn’t have anything new to fire up the base. If he does anything at all politically, it will be to get a new streaming service going and be a permanent pundit.

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    • So what’s the deal with the democrats and Biden ?? All they think of is getting back at Trump and getting power ,even if it hurts the American people. If you was Trump and was attacked for 5 years you would run of of steam. Money would be a big thing isn’t everyone worried about money especially now that Biden is president..

      • Too many trolls for Ursula to keep up with. “Worried about money especially now that Biden is president”? Guess you’ll be sending back the stimulus money from Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

      • In this comment you contradict your other comment and acknowledge the accuracy of the article. Actually it was Trump and his GQP that showed America that all that Republicans care about is power even if it hurts the American people.

    • Trump has blown through a huge inheritance to massage his vanity. Donald is a crappy investor.. future trump generations would be much better off had Fred turnsed his fortune over to professioanls like Joe Kennedy did-substnatially better off. My 26 year old daughter manages money better than donald. She works to support herself and can manage investments. Donald was one of a small minority of billionaires that couldn’t even keep up with the S and P 500 index.he is destined to be desppsed by much of his extended family, it won’t be just Mary -but his own . progeny.

    • Your saying so doesn’t make it so. You need more than a declaration. You need a link supporting your declaration. Or are you part of the base that needs to be fired up with Trump’s toxic red meat on a daily basis? Your response is tacit acknowledgement that Mary Trump is correct.

    • If anything, the above article is emphasizing his irrelevance. Just a friendly reminder that he’s done is all. A lot of people are suffering from delusions to the contrary but their numbers dwindle daily.

      • The point is we need to stop giving Trump any oxygen at all. He has shown time and again that for his purposes bad press is better than no press. Photos of him and trivial stories about him should simply be gone. Let him fade into the irrelevancy he deserves.

  1. I really don’t care what she’s got to say he is what he is and he has been trying to do right by America in the people and that’s all that counts to us is getting America and our rights back. She thinks she can read him and she hasn’t met with him for years I understand most of us can tell a little bit about a person and we have made our judgment that what we care about is him as our president to do right by the American citizens. She can keep her mouth shut otherwise

    • “Getting our rights back?” Exactly which “rights” do you mean? I can’t see that I lost any rights, but I did get Covid vaccine–finally. And no, the former guy didn’t do that.

      You really need to visit a different site. This may not be the place for you.

    • What rights are you talking about? The right to use the N word? All he did was make racist feel they were right and everyone else was wrong.

  2. It’s always about the $ and his narcissism. I don’t think he’ll be mentally fit in 2024. The dementia that got his daddy is gonna get him. We already saw some of it. He also thinks that being POTUS is going to save him from any legal, criminal accountability.

      • Money is a way for him to maintain is narcissistic bubble. He doen’t respect investments. he has never lived within his means. he has squandered a huge inhertance and is still financially depndent on his father and grandfaather.

    • I’m with you. The lunatic isn’t that scary, he’s just a lunatic. The people that are so stupid as to believe him and vote for him are the terrifying ones. And there’s 73 million of them? That’s enough to make you lose sleep.

  3. All the QAnons who think that he’s still somehow legally president, or will be at some point in the future, need to get back into this universe.

  4. I am not on twitter so I am not sure what getting kicked off really means, but I sure do not miss having to hear what he has to say 15 times a week through all the coverage of these things.

  5. Why are people so fearful and jealous of president trump? Democrats celebrities rhinos.in his party even kinfolks. Yes he has many faults but look what we have in white house now. Is he better? My belief and honest opinion.

    • If you don’t understand why people hate Trump, and rightfully so, after all he’s done, then there is nothing anybody here can say that will change your mind. People like you who live in a select information bubble are scary. If the day comes when we lose this country, it will be because of people like you who can’t discern between lies and incompetence and government that actually works.

    • Biden is 1000 times better, and he has displayed that abundantly over the last two months. Can you even imagine Trump holding a candlelight ceremony for the 500,000 dead of Covid? Biden did.

      If Trump’s problem were just his many faults, he would simply be another person. However, he was not just flawed, but dangerous. He is gone, but his dysfunctional trail-blazing is being continued by the GQP.

  6. I think Mary is a spoiled little brat trying to get in on the fame. She was literally unknown until she started spouting off and showing her jealous side towards her cousins and uncle. She fits right into the mold with what she says about her uncle. Maybe it runs in the family.

    • Yah I bet you were pissed off when the X President lost too. So nothing YOU say really matters. Just make sure that,by you try to make him look good. Doesn’t mean a rats azz to anyone who believes that he could make things better. He’s using people like to keep believing in his BS.

  7. This man has been tried and found guilty of insignificance, a sentence worse than death itself for a malignant narcissist. He will be found guilty of tax fraud and tried for other more concrete charges. He is in for a bad, bad future, and he has done it all to himself.

    • You are so full of it!! They already said his taxes was in order and he actually paid in to much and is owed by the IRS , just like everything else he has been accused of lies of deranged syndrome you people need to get a grip ! Everything he did for this country and it’s people was good unlike what is happening right now before our very eyes and y’all say they inherited it from Trump hahaha you people are a joke!!

      • IMIchelle, if they’ve said his taxes are in order, we sure haven’t heard it. That man is nothing but a grifter and insurrectionist and we all know it. We don’t have repub blinders on.

      • His taxes were so much in order he fought tooth and nail against the subpoena of his taxes (and lost, by the way. The prosecutors have his taxes now). He did nothing good for this country. Your disassociated comments are evidence of the damage he has wrought.

  8. Good Lord, there are a lot of trolls here today. Mary Trump is great. She is right about Trump being so shallow. I wish she would explain why he became a stone cold traitor. My mother died in April and he knew about the virus way before then. If he had hopped on it and just done what the doctors said, my mother might be alive as well as a whole lot of other people. Who could be so cold but a traitor that had total contempt for his country.

  9. I don’t usually make comments about anything, we all have opinions! That is part of being in the most free country in the planet! As for trump(dump), PLEASE just stop talking about him & the.republicans at all! You just give everyone more ammunition to keep the deal going!

  10. Liberal loaded article and comments. President Trump will continue to be critizised by the left including opportunistic family members.We see right through it to the most amazing years in the white house spent by the most amazing president ever in modern times. 2024 has the left shaking in thier boots.He built the mold for our future republican candidates.fearless honorable and honest.

    • He has built the mold all right. Corrupt grifters willing to destroy the constitution to become authoritarian, one-party power even to the extent of fomenting an insurrection attempt. These are the facts that will end up in the history books and taught to future generations, not your drivel.


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