Moscow Mitch McConnell wasn’t just whistling past the graveyard yesterday when he appeared on Bret Baier’s Faux News “Special Report”, he was leading his own one-man-bad past an eternal resting place, complete with bells on his toes, cymbals between his knees and a squeaking kazoo up his old, now tightly puckered, wazoo…

Correct, Mike, but don’t leave out Missouri, Iowa, Michigan…



Listen to MS Fisher, Yurtle…





Keep playing your tune, Mitch – but with your lying, stealing and cheating bullshit you built this court and now you are about to see the consequences of its, and your own, haughtiness.

And, please, please, please take the Masked Mom’s advice…

It’ll work out well for you… I promise.

(Thanks, as always, to Acyn and his followers)

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    • Al, that image is OFFENSIVE beyond belief. Beaker’s a kind soul whose very existence is tortured by his boss’s experiments that always go awry.
      McConnell has no soul and his very existence is the CAUSE of torture for the good people of this country.

  1. Mitch is getting up in years. It stands to reason his mental faculties are declining and if this interview is anything to go by, they are declining rapidly.

    • the spirit is gone, he had his wife grifting in the trump camp. trump tried a coup. mcconnell never thought that would happen, he liked the short term grifting he got. turtle looks defeated. he if anyone knows the internal polling. repubs are done in the senate. He will again be minority leader with no power. I suspect he resigns for family reasons soon after the midterms.

  2. Has,he ever spoken to a woman on this subject who wasn’t a loony evangelical? Probably not.
    Let me be the first to explain,Mitchypoo. I am 72. I don’t need an abortion. But my friends have daughters,who.may.
    Not that it will.matter. Women aren’t real.people after all

  3. He can’t possibly be that clueless. He has an ulterior motive for putting it that way. I’m guessing what he really thinks would be so damaging that hes willing to say something so lame to avoid saying it


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