Mike Lindell is on vacation. He’s out in the wilds communing with the snow geese. Perhaps he will shoot one. Perhaps they will shoot him — with their droppings, of course. Say, anybody here know the velocity of a snow goose dropping and/or how atmospheric conditions and temperature can affect such things?

Inquiring minds want to know and we can’t ask David Pecker, he’s too busy in Manhattan testifying against Donald Trump.

Lindell has seen better days. And poor Ron DeSantis. For an undeclared presidential candidate, he sure is getting a lot of incoming fire.

Twitter chimed right in, more so about Lindell’s demeanor than his words.

I went back and looked at the tape again. Lindell’s left hand does shake throughout the thing.

I don’t think he’s gotten to that level yet, but definitely he looks like he’s in training for such.

It’s amusing that Lindell is so vehemently anti-DeSantis. DeSantis is either going to be a flash in the pan, or he may be around for a while in the Republican party. As usual, Trump has thrown the normal political cycle off kilter so nobody can predict where this is going. I wonder if Lindell will ever regret being anti-DeSantis?

Probably not. He’s not a Republican, he’s a MAGA.


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