How was your day today? Unless you ended up getting arrested on suspicion of murder, or your house burned down, or you lost one of your oldest friends, you probably had a much better day than Ron DeSantis did. DeSantis “launched” his campaign for the 2024 GOP nomination for President of the United States. Launched is in quotes because it’s debatable whether blathering about Bitcoin for twenty reverb filled minutes, as technicians scrambled to keep the conversation on the air, before going totally silent, constitutes a launch.

Launch means to debut or start something, at least in the business context. If this was the debut or start of anything, DeSantis better backpedal it and fast. More of this is not what’s needed.

Lincoln Project is not optimistic about Ron’s — or “Rob’s” as Trump has recently knighted him — chances and here’s what they have to say:

May 24, 2022 The following is an open letter to Ron DeSantis from the Lincoln Project regarding his announcement that he’s running for President:

Dear Ron,

Congratulations on entering the 2024 Presidential primary process. Running for President is a life-altering event that will challenge your mental and physical abilities to the utmost.

But first, let’s cut to the chase: you’re going to get absolutely destroyed. Your awkwardness, disdain for people, and general disgust with the process, won’t help while you’re shaking countless hands in distant diners or standing in the middle of a fair posing for pictures with a butter cow.

You think you are owed a win, but you’ve never been attacked like Trump will wreck you. Your height, your recent and sudden weight loss, your terrible political judgment, the bad advice from domineering advisors, will all be fair game to Trump. He’s going to go through you like fingers through pudding. You’re too weak and afraid of Trump and his MAGA cult members to fight him to win. 

It was a brilliant move to announce on Twitter so you don’t have to talk to real people or answer real questions. It’s just you and Elon Musk – a South African who believes that the radical right deserves their own space to scream racist tropes, promote political violence, and push a bizarre culture war. It won’t re-energize your already failing campaign with its fleeing donors and falling poll numbers, but it was worth a shot!

We’ve been following your career for a while now, and we think we know you pretty well. We’re comfortable calling you an unAmerican poseur who wraps himself in the flag and military imagery to hide the fact that he’s nothing more than a wannabe despot who governs as a bully. Patriots don’t ban textbooks, destroy individual rights, and attack companies that don’t agree with his policies.

But there’s no reason this can’t be fun! We’re sure going to love watching you crash and burn.


Your Friends At The Lincoln Project

That’s pretty direct. “UnAmerican poseur.” This is going to be a doozy.

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  1. Wait till Trumpler goes after Mrs DeSantis! She’s apparently the brains and the motivator behind Ron’s political career, while he’s just the ventriloquist’s dummy. But hey, maybe she’ll have the balls to confront Trump and trade punches with him, unlike anyone else in the Repugnican party. I have popcorn ready …

  2. Yes, pudding in the Don’s fingers, but the Musk alliance may be the most interesting of all. I sense a domino effect coming.

  3. I imagine space karen considers the current g.q.p. to be quite home-like. It closely resembles his country pre-Mandela.

  4. I love this letter. decant is is in for a rude awakening when he hits the Northeast. we don’t much like posers or book.banning or killing women by refusing them the standard of care for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy or punishing companies for issuing g a mild criticism.He is gonna find it a,hard, if not impossible, sell.

  5. Steve Schmidt had this to say: “[During DeSantis’s announcement] I was overwhelmed by an intrusive thought that placed me in the middle of the ocean on a boat with Sacks, Musk and DeSantis surrounded by hungry sharks. It was an easy choice. I jumped in.”



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