This is the final wrap up on the 2021 Cyber Symposium, please God may it be the first, last and only of its kind. What we learned here was:

  1. Mike Lindell truly is nuts.
  2. Fairy tales don’t come true just because you want them to.
  3. Lindell didn’t have a shred of evidence but somehow thought bluster would get him where he needed to go. Incredible but true.
  4. Anybody who chooses to oppose Lindell’s emotionally charged diatribe with facts is automatically labeled as doing a “hit piece.”

CNN ran a piece, five and a half minutes long, on the symposium and it is a jewel. Donie O’Sullivan, who is from Ireland, was the reporter who interviewed Lindell. The last CNN reporter was Drew Griffin, who did a lengthy and factual analysis of the pap that Lindell had presented so far. Lindell’s response to Griffin was “come to the symposium.” So O’Sullivan and a camera crew went to the symposium, with an honest to God cybernetics expert in tow, and here is what they got.

Lindell walks away from the symposium wounded and aggrieved. He claims everything from being mugged to his star witnesses’ friend’s home being burglarized, to technical sabotage from outside forces to ruffians in the parking lot. The world of Mike Lindell is a dark and dangerous place filled with equally dark and dangerous visions. It is also a place filled with nothing but fluff, puff and advertising, just like his pillows.

Looking at this tape, you don’t have to be a psychologist to know that this is a disturbed, angry man who lashes out like a 3-year-old that he’s right, no matter what, he got it right and if you disagree you’re bad. No logic or factual analysis because he’s incapable of it. He just argues his insane conclusion and demands that you buy it. That is the sum total of what Mike Lindell has contributed to this discourse on election fraud, some nine months and a reported $12 Million later.

But he keeps saying that he’s “going to win.” Win WHAT, one wants to scream at him, as one tears one hair out. Do you remember this from last month? This didn’t age well.

But here he is saying, “I’m going to win.”

As Howard Hughes pointed out, money is insulation. Right now, Mike Lindell is a pulsating, lightning rod of sheer un-reason, a babbling toxic cesspool of lies blended with wishful thinking, which he acts out on daily. But as long as he’s got layers of rubber around him, i.e., money, he can say and do any crazy thing he wants. The yous and mes would have been in five point restraint last January pulling this.

And bear in mind, this clown was thinking of running for Governor of Minnesota at one point. Also bear in mind, but for January 6, the rest of the GOP would still be on board for it.



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  1. Your last paragraph hit the nail on the head. If you didn’t know who the subject was, you might think it was tRump. It has been said that tRump is nothing but a dry drunk. I’m thinking that’s the parallel with Lindell. He may be clean of drugs, but his attitudes and thinking are stuck in that loop.

  2. Your comment about fairy tales got me to thinking. My inner jarhead sometimes comes out and I’ve mentioned here and elsewhere an old saw I learned decades ago about “Sea Stories” – in the parlance of the Naval Services they sometimes have an element of truth (albeit considerably embelleshed!) and are frequently utter bullshit. Entertaining perhaps, but bullshit nonetheless. The old saying was “The difference between a Fairy Tale and a Sea Story is a Fairy Tale begins with ‘Once upon a time.” A Sea Story begins with “You’re not gonna believe this shit!”

    Lindell’s latest sad little show, like his other “revelations” require suspension of belief and common sense to attain the title of Sea Story. No, the appropriate descriptor is Sewer Stories. Or to be more blunt Shit Stories because it’s all pure, unadulterated bullshit.

    I think right now he actually might be feeling pretty deflated. Some small spark of common sense and/or sanity might have wandered into his brain housing group in that his demeanor change as this shit-show went on was that those “experts” he paid a lot of money to had SCAMMED him. And laughed all the way to the bank because they had the good sense to get all, or most of their “consulting” fees upfront. If he is starting to realize that he’s being conned by these people he trusted and has shelled out hundreds of thousands if not millions to them and his venture for NOTHING, no actual evidence he might finally have the epic meltdown that will remove him from the news entirely. And Trump can’t be happy about this either. Even better, ole Mikey now knows he’s headed to court, but before that he and his company are going to be subject to some serious discovery from Dominion’s lawyers. And that his lawyers warnings to cool his jets should have been listened to.

    Why do I say that’s the best part? Even if he pulled his ads from Fox they hoped to get that badly needed revenue back. Lindell is probably coming to the realization he needs to hang on to what he’s got left to defend himself. Not just in civil trial but potential criminal proceedings as well. Which means Fox isn’t getting all that sweet ad money back, but other RWNJ outlets are going to have to learn to make do without Lindell’s money too!

    My birthday is coming up and the perfect gift would be learning before the end of the month that Lindell isn’t propping up ANY more right wing “news” outlets. That he’s near broke, and his company has filed for bankruptcy. (Ok, in a perfect world the ideal present would be Trump being arrested at his golf club in Jersey and perp-walked into court in NYC wearing handcuffs but for now I’ll settle for my Lindell’s world finally imploding fantasy)

    • I keep waiting for some outlet to report in greater depth about the Hammer and Scorecard scam artist being hooked up with this. That was part of the expose that the Washington Times did yesterday. To me, it was smoking hot, but nobody else seems to care. Poor Mike Lindell. He doesn’t like me, can’t say my name, but I’m the closest thing to a real biographer that he’s got. Nobody else cares.

      • It’s obvious that he was leaning on the massive tron screen to impress the hell out of any observers … not knowing anything about the actual data burst there, thinking the BS fed to him from some scammers about the massive dump of data would lock all the fraud into a bundle that would seal-the-deal on the Trump’s flipping reality … in deed, the audacity of CNN to hire an expert to attend, who just stood there, scanning that flashing screen, being entertained, I’m sure, by the worthless information presented …

        To me, it just looks like a large inventory management program, lots of examples require many go-nowhere data samples with generic formula and outlined typical results …

        Mike’s reality has just become a in-his-face need to cover up his very poor choices, starting with the orange bobble head in his golf club in NJ …

        The world’s biggest shit stain if ever there was … we should really turn to the horrible things being said and done by Cruz and Rand Paul now, with more people sick and getting dead …


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