According to his Twitter profile Eric Champnella is a “screenwriter/director and above average tennis player.

I think we can add “hilarious songwriter” to his list of accomplishments.

As a young sailor in Jimmy Carter’s Navy, me and my shipmates would load up our hash bowls, power up the turntable, and spin “Hotel California” at a decibel level roughly equivalent to a passing hook-and-ladder powering through a hurricane.

But we never enjoyed Don Henley and the boys any more than I enjoyed this… particularly the final flourish:

(Sound waaaay up.)

Eric’s followers were jamming’ too…

Beyond epic, Brooklyn!

Not to be undone one of them added a Randy Rainbow ditty that is definitely worth a listen… “Lock Him Up… Yesterday.”

Love, love, love the triple mop tops! Thanks jocHarBra!



Yep. That was the shit right there Diane!

Ten years ought to do it tho, DJ…

Shouldn’t it?

Doin’ my best CDR.

I don’t know if that Joe Walsh will like it, though I expect he would, but @WalshFreedom will laugh his ass off…



Thanks so much for this, Eric might I suggest…

“Life in The Sing-Sing”…

…or “Take it Sleazy”?

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