Yesterday, when I reported that a Special Counsel Robert K. Hur had been appointed to investigate the fact that classified documents had been found at two of President Biden’s properties, I took care that, beyond pointing out that Mr. Hur had been appointed to his position as U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland by Trump, that I did not whisper in the slightest any conspiratorial suggestions that Biden had been set up in any way… because the discovery of such documents is a serious matter and such speculation was, at that time anyway, not.

I only asked that Mr. Hur take his charge just as seriously as the case is and uncover the facts.

Little did I know as I wrote yesterday that two of Trump’s closest allies in the public sphere, blowhard Sean Hannityjob and failed Surgeon General aspirant Adm. Ronny Jackson would take to the airwaves and do precisely what I decided to do not – circulate conspiracy theories about the placement and uncovering of the classified documents in question.

Silly me.


“Fox News’ Sean Hannity suggested that President Joe Biden being in possession of multiple batches of classified documents is part of a conspiracy to remove him from the 2024 ballot. Other Republicans have followed suit with similar theories…

… While Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Thursday that Robert Hur, who was appointed as U.S. attorney for the district of Maryland under the Trump administration, will look into Biden’s documents as special counsel, some Republicans—including the former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.—have pushed for the FBI to raid Biden’s residence in a manner similar to what federal agents did at Mar-a-Lago.

“I’ve been saying for a long time that Democrats are going to have to figure out a way to get rid of Joe Biden,” GOP Texas Representative Ronny Jackson, a former chief medical adviser in the Trump administration, told Newsmax. “They don’t want this man to run for president again. He’s a recipe for disaster in the next presidential election.”

Jackson said he thought Democrats would point to Biden’s “cognitive issue” or allegations surrounding his son, Hunter Biden, as means of not reelecting him in 2024.“

Now why, when the simple facts, as known, in the case are already so damaging to the President, would two of his biggest and most ardent supporters take to the airways to suggest in any way that Biden was not responsible for the security breech?

Not wanting to spread conspiracy theories of my own making, heaven forfend, I will leave that question unanswered… and invite my readers to reach their own conclusions.

Excepting that I will share what Ron Filipkowski and his followers have to say about Jackson’s charges:


I’m glad you said that, Larissa, as I was hesitant to…


Well maybe not obvious, Des, but it’s definitely headed that direction.


🔥🔥🔥 🤣🤣🤣

I think I disagree.


Yeah, I wonder…

In any case I repeat my plea that Special Counsel Hur quickly uncover the FACTS of this case… which could be more interesting than we know.

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  1. Once again we are through the proverbial looking glass! WTF? Trump fluffers claiming Biden was set up? And keep in mind that Biden has always been the person Trump least wanted to have to run against! I’ll admit to having seen some CT about Secret Service loyal to Trump maybe having planted stuff but dismissed it. I guess it’s possible (and credible reporting indicates there were quite real concerns regarding Biden’s safety at first but he wound up getting agents he trusted assigned) but still just too out there for me to take seriously. I still think in the end it will turn out to be a matter of material not being returned by some staffer, combined with someone else assuming it should be filed away rather than just left on a desk. Sloppy, stupid, careless staff work. We’ll see. Still, it’s three kinds of weird to see Trump fluffers saying Biden is being set up, even if they are saying the set-up is from Democrats!

    • I am with you. No conspiracy. Mistakes by staffers because the last month of Biden’s VP term was so insanely busy he wasn’t around for much of the pack out and trusted lower level staffers to do their jobs.
      If the dems really want Biden out, they’ll tell.home voters, the primary.

  2. If there’s any greater proof Garland is a politician it’s the quick appointment of a special counsel for Biden when the legal conditions don’t meet the criteria, no proof of criminal intent, just administrative carelessness. Sure, it probably had to be done politically, but just look at how long it took with Trump sitting on troves of top secret documents, and having his attorneys lie. 15 months. Those are the moves of a politician, not a hell bent prosecutor following the actual law. When the law plays politics it adds to the problem. Trying to placate a death cult with clear intent to overthrow our government is stupid. No matter what happens, or is said, they will NEVER TELL THE TRUTH. Before the apologists get riled, I do admit it may be a good thing he did it. Whatever he has to do to get the job done. 18 months of overseeing the investigations Garland never issued the subpoenas that Jack just issued. Why? I’m not convinced he has the stones to rise above being a politician. He has the smarts but in a war, you need the ability to act when required. The jury is out as they say.

    • Um, it’s BECAUSE of the crap that Trump did that Biden “suggested” that a special prosecutor be named so that WE DEMOCRATS can say “See, this is how a RESPONSIBLE ADULT behaves when documents that someone shouldn’t have discovers they do have them.”

      Granted, the MAGAts won’t be appeased but it makes a clear distinction between how Biden handled the issue and how Trump (mis)handled it.

    • He is avoiding conspiracy theories and whining from.MAGAts in Congress claiming Garland *was* political and treated Biden with kid gloves while Trump was treated like a criminal. Optics matter to everyone but Faux News fans.

  3. Hannity and Jackson are part of Trump’s gang. I believe they already know this is 100% another clumsy, ham-handed, Trump caper. They know that like all of Trump’s plots, it will soon unravel, collapse, and blow up in Trump’s face. And they want to distance themselves from what they know is coming.

  4. If anyone planted those documents, it was more likely a Republican operative. Locks can be readily picked by people who know how to do it. So planting something in a locked closet or a garage would be super easy, especially if it were done by secret service men loyal to Trump. This sort of thing is now what I expect from Rethuglicans. As soon as Trump claimed other presidents before him had likely kept documents, I knew this was coming. He always accuses people in advance of the crimes he intends to commit. Think about it, people. This is what he does.

    • It IS what he does, but if these docs were actually from the Obama-Biden administration, where did they come from, the archives? And who would have been able to get a hold of them? This is what we expect from repugs. Dems don’t have to go to this extreme if they truly want to replace Biden.


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