For those who were heartbroken when “House of Cards” was canceled, you’ll be glad to know that the US Senate is stepping in to pick up the slack. But this probably wouldn’t make a very good episode, since television characters don’t normally act this stupidly… We seem to have a little turf war brewing in […]
MSNBC just broke this. According to Justice correspondent, former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe is under active investigation at the Department of Justice based on a criminal referral from the FBI Inspector General. While the news is breaking, the investigation itself is not new. According to Williams, the FBI IG referred the matter of McCabe […]
Democratic Illinois Senator, and decorated war hero Tammy Duckworth made history twice recently. First, she became the first sitting Senator in US history to become pregnant while serving. Then, predictably, she had the privilege of becoming the first sitting US Senator to give birth and become a mother while serving. A nice, if minor feel […]
You know, I’m starting to think that if Trump wants to stop at least some of the bleeding, the first solution may be to keep his big, fat, New York mouth shut until Shinzo Abe leaves town. So far, nothing good has come of it. Yesterday, I wote an article that chronicled the intentional disrespect […]
Trump ‘fuming and isolated’ in tense White House, aides reveal   The Independent Donald Trump left isolated in the White House   The Australian Donald Trump is sullen, isolated, abandoned, and alone   Mother Jones Loss of star player leaves Trump more isolated   ABC News Raging, isolated Trump retreats deeper into his bubble   The Washington Post I’m going […]