If you thought Benghazi was the ultimate in political theater and a new low in civil discourse, you were wrong. That was quaint by comparison. I could listen to Trey Gowdy all day compared to listening to GOPer Brian Mast for five minutes. This was a staged event. The congressman from Florida got into the usual posture of faux outrage and showed pictures of the 13 soldiers who died in the withdrawal from Afghanistan. That would have been crass and manipulative on its face, but it was only the preamble. Then Mast got down and dirty, accusing Secretary of State Anthony Blinken of treason and manipulating intelligence. And then he wouldn’t let Blinken speak.

This is six and a half minutes, worth watching in its entirety.

I would not want to be a parent raising small children right now. They are being taught by example that it is acceptable behavior for important people, leaders, to behave in a fashion that wouldn’t fly at the local bus stop or hot dog stand. Mast looks like Lex Luther and behaves like a high school punk.

A man behaving like this in any public place would be summarily ejected and banned from the place, be it a restaurant, place of business or any normal functioning place of employment. Yet the floor of the House of Representative is fair game for dysfunctional and outrageous behavior — it’s encouraged, in fact. This display will go to its preordained place on the six o’clock news on OAN, Newsmax and Fox.

The meltdown of civil discourse is not a good thing in this country. It is corroding the social fabric. It is my sincere belief that the rules of the House  should be amended to remove any member of congress who will not yield the floor immediately when told to do so. This should be grounds for censure. I don’t think that’s too radical a step to take, not with this going on.

This is what the Republican party has become. This is the ticket it bought the day Trump descended on his escalator and into the spotlight. They have sold their souls. The only remaining question is how much damage are they going to do to the rest of us as they continue their slide into oblivion?


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  1. I think Mast will get fined, and McCarthy and Nunes will and the other GQP members will scream and tantrum and start planning worse behavior.

  2. Do I really need to watch this? It’s 6:30 I’ll never get back and will probably give me a headache. What will I learn that I don’t already know?

    • I don’t remember anyone setting must-read rules here, just DO want everyone that has positive things to say, MAY write and be read if you are interested … if you are NOT interested in the subjects here, go watch the losers on FOX NEWS, they will keep good stuff you like to hear and you don’t have to think for yourself … just keep the cold beer flowing 🙂

  3. Who the hell left the door open on the hog confinement building?

    Is this mast fellow just plain dumb, or is he actually dumber and hopelessly stupid?

    This is an example of maximus idiocy, printed and mounted full color images of family members that the at-home members probably are pissed off at the disrespect this freak demonstrated in a political ploy with non-sense purpose … the whole problem of Afghanistan sits right on Trump’s padded shoulders, as HE is the one that went directly to the Taliban for a, [super deal], not authorized by anyone with intelligence … then, just to do his special deal FOR the Taliban, he released 5500 Taliban members to run right back home to Afghanistan to setup for what we are seeing now … the fact that once they had the keys to unlock the holding cells, they let out the Isis bad boys there as well …

    This Mast guy’s lack of compassion and courtesy to the surviving families with this tedious and blithering stupid dog and pony show was wrong on so many levels, like Gym Jordan’s magnificent performances — squalling nonsense, elevated volume, talking over anyone’s answers … they all must have to pass muster from the Paul idiot in the Senate, who, recently has danced all over Dr. Fauci and is plotting to fire him, because, well, he ACTUALLY knows stuff, one of the best informed persons in the world about our current Trump virus …
    – there are a number of Congress people that have proved their idiocy time and again and SHOULD be censured AND fined hugely in BOTH Houses …

  4. Republiqanon rules for debates and hearings
    When you are absolutely wrong, scream, rant and rage and accuse everyone else of being liars

    (it beats sticking your fingers in your wars and going ‘la la la’)


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