It looks like Rapid Unscheduled Disassemblies are a way of life for Elon Musk. He had one of those the day that his Space X rocket blew up and then again today had one when Ron DeSantis was standing by, expecting to announce his candidacy for POTUS on Twitter Spaces. If you were tuned in you heard sci fi sounding reverb and wobble, audio cutting out, chatter, and ever lengthening periods of silence. Then after about 27 minutes — nada.

This was ill advised from the beginning. Now DeSantis is standing there, somewhere, with egg on his face. (And neck, head, knees, you name it.)

And of course the wags are relishing this.

That’s how people are reading it.

And look who kicked in his two cents already.

You remember the old adage, “begin as you intend to proceed.” I am dead certain that whatever this was today, this is not how Ron DeSantis wants to proceed.

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  1. The memes this generates will hang around Musk’s and DeSantis’ necks for the duration. As one commentator said, launching anything on Musk’s platforms is extremely risky. This one didn’t make Earth orbit, it didn’t enter Twitter Space, it didn’t even clear the launch pad. It just sat there a while, made some funny noises, and went Psssssst…

  2. God must hate those two losers because Bevis and Butthead are stupid enough to insult the both Jewish and Moderates that he chooses their prayers to sabotage their worthless piece of junk called an app. Mickey Mouse is laughing his tail off!😂😆🤣

  3. I wish they would both discover they are both gay, get married, and move to Nigeria where they would be hunted down.


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