Larry Kudlow knows as much about the respiratory system as he does about the economic system, which is to say jak schitt. Kudlow stood in the driveway of the White House this morning and, we guess, wanted to make a statement about the importance of mask wearing since Donald Trump said it was patriotic. Or something.

The vengeance of Twitter was swift and sure.

Now this article is tagged to Larry Kudlow on Twitter. As a public service, we are providing Kudlow this tutorial, free of charge, just in case the image given in the tweet above didn’t sink in. Kudlow clearly has problems with the simplest of concepts.

There, Larry, do you have it now? Or do you need Max or Murf to come over to the house and show you? This is epic stupidity, but it is routine Kudlow. Just yesterday a couple of economists were on CNN saying that Kudlow has been dead wrong about everything the past six months. Raw Story:

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Larry Kudlow claimed that Americans are doing great and the country is in a “V-shaped recovery.” The economists called it absurd.

Kudlow is a clown,” said the University of Michigan economics and public policy professor, Justin Wolfers. “He hasn’t gotten a single thing right in at least six months. He told us this wouldn’t hurt. It has. He told us we would bounce back to work. We’re not. He just said — and patently misrepresented economists in saying that economists think we’re on a path of a self-sustaining economy.’ There’s a shutdown, you lift the shutdown, and automatically part of that reverses. The big economic question is, at the end of that, how much damage have you done? The longer it draws out, the more damage we do. With the resurgence of the bug, it’s drawing out how long the the economy is remaining in hibernation. And as a result, we’re seeing an increasing number of firms not survive that hibernation. So, we are going to bounce back somewhat, but not back to where we were. And the longer it takes, the more pain it will exact and the worse the longer-run recession is going to be.”

I have tried to decide which is the bigger idiot, Kudlow or Peter Navarro and I can’t decide. I mean, that is some choice, between those two mental amoebas. I doubt if they can do arithmetic, how did they end up in economics? One of them would be remarkable in any administration, but both? And they’ve got plenty of company, starting with the poster children of incompetence, Jared and Ivanka. But beyond that, what I cannot figure out, is HOW do these people get these kinds of jobs? I am beginning to think that American universities should give degrees in nepotism and cronyism, because those are the fields one needs to be successful in, to be successful in modern America. That much is crystal clear.

This is why they’re belly laughing in Beijing and howling in Havana. We are the laughing stock of the world. It’s a shame we don’t have interplanetary travel. I’m so ashamed to be an American right now, I’d rather go live on Jupiter.

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  1. I wonder if just one journalist had the guts to ask him why he wouldn’t wear his mask properly. To point out that by not covering his nose as well as his mouth the mask was useless. Sadly I doubt it. Otherwise there’s be a clip with audio of his response.

    • I just realized what the image reminded me of. Maybe someone should tell Kudlow that “Kilroy” stopped being a thing forty or fifty years ago! (older folks will get the reference)

      How awesome would it be for an older journalist to start a question with Mr. Kilroy – Oops, I mean Kudlow…

  2. I suspect Larry’s got his mask upside down: the bendy part that’s supposed to seal it around the nose above the nostrils is, I fear, beneath Larry’s chin. Have some pity folks, obviously this puzzle was just a tad too hard for him today.

    • Looking at the pleats, it’s right way up. (I have some like that. Copied them for my cloth masks, on which I use paper brads for the nosepieces.)

      (I saw a pic of a baseball guy who had both strands of ties/elastics under his ears. It’s a different level of “not that way”.)

  3. I agree with your questioning of how these people got their credentials in the first place. The second aspect, how they got their jobs, is because they tell tRump what he wants to hear.

  4. “Idiot wind blowing every time you move your teeth. You’re an idiot babe. It’s a wonder you still know how to breathe.” Bob Dylan

  5. I am utterly amazed at Scott G’s tenacity. Getting a cat, of all creatures, to sit still long enough NOT ONLY to put a mask on it BUT ALSO to get a picture of it still wearing the mask (and not once, but FOUR times) has got to be one of the greatest miracles I’ve ever seen in my entire life.


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