Another Trump flunky comes to Biden’s defense.

Either someone is spiking the Trump Kool-Aid with Owsley’s finest over at Mar-A-Lardo or something far more nefarious is afoot.

Saturday, I wrote abouttwo of Trump’s closest allies (Sean Hannityjob and Ronny Jackson, proposing, against all expectations, that Joe Biden, rather than being clumsy, negligent or incompetent in his handling of classified materials, that something more sinister is afloat… that Biden is being “set-up” – supposedly by his own people – to take a fall.

In case you missed it, here is Rep. and former Trump White House physician Ronny “Two Fisted” Jackson on NewsMax pushing this theory:

Well, now another traitor has been heard heard from, Gen. Michael Flynn, newly reinstated to Twitter by chaos agent Elon Musk on the 2nd anniversary of the Capitol riot, here weighing in in response to MAGA’s favored historian, Michael Turley (who had commented on the percolating scandal) and pushing the same line as others close to Trump… that the President is being undermined by “others” in the White House.

Either Biden has the worst HR person ever, or some Orange one is getting nervous, worried that his tiny hands (or fingerprints) will be found all over this brewing brouhaha:

Below, to help you decide which, is Ron Filipkowski and friends;

Well, perhaps not the only thing, but it certainly checks several boxes.

Yup. There is that.

Good question. And why are the documents most often characterized as being from the “Obama”/Biden Administration? Joe handled no secrets on his own?

Well, Flynn knows from coups…

Unbelievable as a matter of fact.

Pretty much.


That’s a possibility too.




🤲 🤲 🤲




I won’t pretend to know what precisely is up with all this, but something sure does smell a bit off.

Definitely worth watching to see where it goes.

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  1. That little shit flynn sees another coup–who better than the one who had much to do with the J6 coup? We should pay attention if only because his brother is STILL in a position to harm our nation and little shit flynn is STILL not in prison.

    • Any coups he sees is a pipe dream…and a meth pipe dream at that. Besides, that’s too obvious an explanation, even for this crowd.

  2. I think I got it. What’s going on here is that this is MAGA pushback against the moderates who are looking to take the Republican party back from them. Remember that one of the former crowd’s cherished myths is the disproven concept of a “Uniparty” (for those unfamiliar with the concept, shorthand for “both parties are the same” nonsense). So for a credible “stab in the back” theory to be formed, they have to tar and feather their internal political rivals. So…Biden being “framed” with loose docs is proof that the moderates helped depose Trump too (which is high-octane BS…the moderates were little better than doormats and noisemakers during the Trump era with Dems doing the heavy lifting).

    A final interesting question: would any of the MAGA maggots be claiming this at all if a Special Counsel hadn’t been dispatched to look into the Biden docs? Food for thought…

  3. One of Drumps defenses was to claim he was ‘set up’. So, to the extent Dems buy into that argument for Biden the easier it will be for Orange *-hole to advance the same claim.

  4. Something smells fishy. I hope they will check the fingerprints on the documents. I am hoping we will have a pleasant surprise. Somebody wants Biden to resign sooner rather than later.

  5. Not a big CT guy, but something doesn’t smell right.
    First, classified documents have been “missing” for at least 6 years and nobody noticed?
    FFS NARA knew what Trump had before the moving van showed up at Mar-A-Lago.
    Now we have multiple Trump-fluffers screaming that they were planted, by Biden’s own party?!
    And Donnie Dumbass, because he can’t keep his big yap shut, knows exactly what documents were found?
    I call shenanigans,

  6. Of course, using Ocean’s Razor: the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. In this case,it is that Biden was running all over the place in the final.weeks of the Obama administration and senior aides were too busy dealing with his needs as V.P. to.sufficiently supervise junior staffers handling the packing g and mistakes were made. As soon as the documents turned up, they were correctly handed over to NARA as the law requires. There were no “raids” because none were needed. The lawyers notified NARA,which picked them up the very next day. The End.

  7. Is kinda interesting. They found empty files at trump land and they are pretty much saying loose documents at Bidens. I remember thinking how did Trump know what documents. He said something within hours.

  8. Mr. Durrati, in what I count as the fifth paragraph, you refer to Michael Turley as “MAGA’s favored historian.” I only recall one Turley, namely Jonathan. Are they related? Or was it a “typo”? I did an online search to look for a Michael Turley related to MAGA, but my search failed. Thanks.


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