So yesterday I posted that I found it extremely curious that drumpf fluffers Sean Hannity and Rep. Ronny Jackson had both suggested that the discovery of confidential documents on Joe Biden’s properties might be part of some sort of set up by an unknown, or perhaps known only to them, person(s).

It’s almost like they are trying to get ahead of something:

Well, it wasn’t long after that before Jackson was on NewsMax pushing the theory that Biden Special Prosecutor Robert K. Hur is a card carry member of a deep-state globalist cabal recruited as Special Counsel specifically to exonerate Biden in the docs matter.

Sure seems like Team-Trump is paranoid that somewhere lurks a whole inventory of Tom Mcans out there ready to drop, I wonder if their concerns might just be related to drumpf’s Truth Social dump indicating that drumpf knows, pretty comprehensively, what exactly is in the documents in question, which knowledge of drumpf would most probably discuss with them:

But I would want to spread any conspiracy theories, so I’ll let Ron Filipkowski and his troops do it for me…

You said it, not me. 🤣🤣🤣

Exactly, JoJo.

You noticed too? A touch of traitor’s insomnia?


Not a bit…

Yup. And maybe more.


Almost like he knows what’s coming…


Yup. Headlining the Clown-In-Chief.

Probably a matter of ‘If you knew what he knows…’


I’m not gonna pretend I know exactly what’s up, but there is definitely some foul fuckery afoot.

What do ya’ll think?

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  1. Actually, my first reaction to the news that there were docs found in Biden’s garage was that bad actors in the Secret Service were setting him up because they know he doesn’t trust them and there’s probably a quiet investigation underway that’s going to hurt them.

  2. I still think this was a matter of sloppy, careless work on the part of staff, both on Biden’s side and on that of whatever agency(s) had provided the docs – in the latter case not retrieving them (if notified) promptly when asked to do so. Frankly, I was troubled beyond words when it came out there were valid concerns some of Biden’s initial Secret Service detail once he moved into the WH were loyal to Trump and had to be replaced. That should scare the hell out of all of us. (Of course, the Secret Service has been on a steady decline ever since it was pulled from Treasury after DHS was created) Keeping in mind how much Trump feared having to run against Biden (with good reason as it turned out!) and went to such lengths including trying to blackmail Ukraine into helping him “discredit” Biden it’s not beyond the realm of possibility some of the Secret Service (or people from agencies that didn’t retrieve the docs IF they were asked to do so) had a modern, real life “will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest (or in this case candidate)” moment. Perhaps we’ll find out.

    Given how if these musings of Hannity and Jackson will, if true wind up blowing up in the GOP’s face they’d better have already retained and spoken to really, really good lawyers because if there are leads for Hurr to follow along these lines they are going to be on the hot seat about what they knew and when they learned it. And how they learned what they’re speculating about.

  3. Trump might want to, just possibly, post a “clarification” about how he just *happens* to know that the documents found in Biden’s possession were “HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL” and that any of them “pertain to Ukraine” since, according to the current story, the documents would’ve been IN BIDEN’S POSSESSION while Trump was in office AND when Trump himself should have NO KNOWLEDGE of the documents’ very existence. The “fact” (when it comes to Trump, we know that the word “fact” doesn’t always have the same meaning for him as it does the rest of us) that Trump is posting this rather, um, detailed knowledge puts him in a very dangerous position legally (as if he needs any more of that, right?) because his knowledge of the materials being in Biden’s possession and NOT reporting it WHILE TRUMP HIMSELF WAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE would be just another crime to add to all the rest of Trump’s woes.

    I mean, after all, Trump’s documents woe only came about because he did NOT deliver all the documents he had in his possession after he said he’d delivered all of them. (That was the whole reason the FBI paid its little visit to Mar-a-Lago. If Trump had done as Biden’s done and turned over the whole kit and kaboodle of documents when he got the “first notice,” then the FBI would’ve had to pay to visit Mar-a-Lago just like everybody else.)

  4. If there were any real journalists still working in TV news, they would ask Jackson and everyone else who spouts such nonsense: “And what evidence do you have to back up your allegations?”
    But it is now the norm to let any idiot express an uninformed opinion, without any pushback.

  5. And Ronny is afraid of the prosecutor because why? What did he do, what does he know, and why hasn’t he done a deposition for the 1/6 investigation?

  6. Navy Wife for 15 years. When we lived in Japan for 7years,and had no choice except Navy Medical, I learned the doctors,and nurses are either great or terrible.Some of the terrible ones didn’t have a medical license in any state. Did Ron the Con have one!?Gotta,wonder.

  7. The guy has been a fraud since he covered up frumpy’s medical issues. Hey I know medical records aren’t usually public but any self respecting professional wouldn’t shoot his mouth off as if baby huey was superman when anyone can see his old fat ass small stepping down a ramp and taking two hands to hold a glass of water. A complete fraud.

  8. Some people are happy to stand on either side of an electric fence to prevent possible contact with very uncomfortable results … Some have tried to high-jump to the other side with the result being stuck into the fence in such a way to be temporarily held into the repeated pulses of power, (Enough juice to cut away weeds), Others, like the Republican turds, (Like Gym Jordon) now contaminating OUR HOUSE, slimy as they are, dig ditches under the fence, proclaiming their might and purity, but digging the ditches too small for the average person to crawl through and when they get stuck, the Republicans say the sign over there says, (At your own risk), we are pleased to announce, for a onetime gift of $500. cash to our Party, you will be pulled back out and on your way …

    They will always have a hidden glitch in any meetings or, (Reasonable sounding proposal) …

  9. The orange bilious blob certainly seems to know a great deal about these docs found with President Biden-makes you wonder how he knows so much about them? Given just how convenient this “discovery” is for the majority of idiots in the house, it sure does argue for the possibility of planted documents. This whole thing just does not add up.

    Was listening to NPR this weekend and they reported that MILLIONS of documents are classified every year. This is absurd. WAY too many are being classified-there cannot be good reasons for all of them getting this treatment. How many of these documents found in President Biden’s possession, and let’s be real and honest-how many in Trump’s, should not have been treated this way in the first place?

    More to the point, there needs to be a process every one in the executive branch, from the Prez down to assistants/secretaries to cabinet members, etc., that needs to be exercised after every election resulting in a power transfer. Make it a special department of GSA or an additional duty of NARA. Nothing leaves the premises until it is cleared. I’m not saying bad actors aren’t going to do bad things but something like this cannot hurt. Take it away from possible thieves and save ourselves from all this fucking drama.


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