As you probably heard one of former Vice President Mike Pence’s lawyers found a “small number” of classified documents in Pence’s Indiana home the other day, which he turned in to the FBI…


“A video of former Vice President Mike Pence denying that he took classified documents from the White House has resurfaced amid reports of classified documents being discovered in his Indiana home.

Pence, who served as vice president for Donald Trump, is the latest politician encountering a classified documents scandal, joining Trump and President Joe Biden. Last week, the documents found in Pence’s possession were turned over to the FBI, although there are conflicting reports on the process.

A CNN exclusive report said that Pence’s lawyer discovered “about a dozen” classified documents at Pence’s home and turned the documents over to the FBI.

You just know the crew at Faux News were as outraged at this potential breach of National Security as they were when papers were found in Biden’s Delaware home.

Except they were not.

Here is Jesse Watters yucking it up that Pence had less time to pack his office than Biden because Trump was busy trying to subvert the Constitution:

And below Watters and crew lament that Pence should have shredded his stash so they could continue to pile on Biden for a similar mistake…

Yeah, yeah, National Security breaches are loads of laughs guys…





What a bunch of disgusting characters.

Their destruction of this country is just a joke to them.

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  1. Maybe if I were to meet Watters in person I should give in to the urge to smash my fist into his smug mouth with as much force as I can muster. And if he files a complaint for assault use his own defense – I can say “Hey, I was just kidding but my fist sometimes doesn’t know that!” It doesn’t have a sense of humor like mister Watters who so often claims HE is just kidding…

  2. This is a fucking war on our home soil. As in any war…we could lose. I wonder how many dead citizens it will take before we wake up? Trump is continuing his coup. The country stands on the sidelines wringing their hands. Graduates of the Susan Collins fascist school of concern. We get the government we deserve.

  3. It’s time people actually realised that ‘classified documents’ aren’t always secret or threatening.
    ‘Classified’ covers, confidential, restricted, secret and top secret and could be anything from the cost of coffee supplies, via personnel files, location of military bases to ‘where are the nukes stored?’.
    In regards to Biden and Pence, all that has been said is that the documents were ‘classified’ which, as I pointed out, could be just background checks on their staffers. Trump, on the other hand, had stashed definite top secret material.


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