This is becoming delightful. Donald Trump’s ego is bigger than Jupiter and right now it is telling him that he is a great humanitarian, an inventor of vaccines, in fact. He doesn’t know who Jonas Salk is but if he did he’d say, “So what? He only invented one vaccine, I invented three.” Now Trump didn’t invent any. Pfizer was the first company to come up with a vaccine and it had nothing to do with Operation Warp Speed but Trump never lets the facts get in the way of a good story.

He did an interview recently with Candace Owens and he actually defends the vaccines here, when Owens is doing her damnedest to get him to agree to a right-wing talking point.

Candace, you need to learn the same lesson as the Republican party. Trump doesn’t care about any movement or institution, he cares about himself and in a contest between buttressing a right-wing talking point or bragging about what a big shot he is, it’s a no brainer which way he’s going to fall.

Poor Candace. Now she knows what it was like to be Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell back in the day, trying to cue this bozo to tout the party line.

Well, it would be if they had minds to numb. These people are talking heads. One was a talking head of state. The greatest let down of Trump’s life was finding out that being POTUS was not a PR gig.

This is causing a major schism in Trump world now. The MAGA doctrine is predicated upon hating the same people and things. Hating masks and vaccines is key. But Trump is all too happy to blow that with this new pivot of his, made necessary because he has to believe that he’s the only person in the world who understood the need for a vaccine since 1917.

That’s the spin, MAGAs. Love it or leave Trumpty. Them’s your choices.


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  1. When things are so simple to see, if one does not hold their eyes shut all the time … the nimrod is wearing so thin he is letting in too much truth on one side and more lies and absolute stupidity out the other …

    Trump is showing the farce he actually is, he is self destructing in real time, the hangers-on in the GOP are fast losing their grip on Trump’s coat tails, soaked in French fry cooking oil …

    When the Committee strikes with that terrible swift sword, the absolute bottom-out of Trump industries will look like a poorly maintained County gravel road through the Arizona Desert … at the current rate of babble barf from Trump, survival until after the first of January may be Trump’s biggest challenge …

    He has already said by the 6th of January, 2022, he would show so much truth of the moment, and yet he has problems seeing around his own inflated self, forgetting that HE was the one that shut down every Obama established anti-Pandemic structure because his stupidity could NOT allow one thing done by Obama to survive his onslaught of destruction, a sore point with may people on both sides of the Congress …

    What’s the NEXT act? Trump cannot survive much more with his anchor in reality lost for so many years past … He has made this pig crap of a life for himself, watching him from a distance, (to avoid some of the intense smell), it will be fun to see him bob up and down in the flotsam struggling for a grip offered by …?!?

  2. Traitor Tot had absolutely NOTHING to do with Covid vaccines being developed, and he is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths in this country! He should be charged and convicted of at least 400,000 counts of murder!

  3. He is so excited about it because Biden gave him a shout-out about his administration developing it. I guess that was all it took – tell him how great he was and now he’s promoting vaccines. Either people are hypnotized by him and they’ll start getting shots, or they’ll flip the f*** out and cut him loose. Either way we win.

  4. Not only did the Pfizer vaccine have nothing to do with Operation Warped Mind – it didn’t even have anything to do with the US of A. It was developed in Germany by a pair of Turkish scientists

    But here’s a thought worth contemplating: is the orange blight on the face of humanity now promoting that Republiqanons get vaccinated because it eventually sank into the blob of jelly between his ears that if they die from Covid before 2024, they can’t vote for him?


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