I’m just going to bottom line this. This phuquer is crazy. I mean that. He is one step away from five point restraint. If he was a “normal” guy, meaning a person without vast wealth and he had this strange delusion that a job that he got fired from was actually still his, and he owned the business in fact, but there was a vast James Bondian-level conspiracy to take it all away, he would be taken in on a 72-hour hold.

I have known people like this, but not at this level of notoriety, obviously. I have known people who bald facedly lie that they left the wife when everyone in the entire town knows that the wife left him, or that they fired the employee when everybody knows she quit because she got fed up.

This pathetic excuse for an adult male is the standard bearer of the Republican party — at least until DeSatan takes the title.

Wasn’t that unbelievable? And that, ladies and gentleman, is a former head of state.

Now this next clip is priceless. If you haven’t seen this one, stop everything and watch.

Isn’t that a howler? I would bet every dollar I have that that DID go on inside the White House, nobody got it on tape.


The chyron is the cherry on the sundae. That says it all. Somebody dig a hole in the backyard, put this in a time capsule. Maybe centuries from now, after we blow ourselves up, an alien species will discover it one day and they will know exactly who we were.

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  1. The former guy is still babbling about the election a year and a half after it ended, and nearly two years after he started those stories himself. I’m not surprised he can’t get crowds at his “rallies”: they’re like re-runs of re-runs of stuff that was syndicated in strips 10 years ago and all the fans know every line by heart and are writing their own, more interesting, stories.

    • One track mind doesn’t begin to approach it.

      Isn’t that second clip to die for? That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that this is eating him up inside.
    He can never let go of the “big lie” nor can he admit, even to himself, that he lost.
    It puts a smile on my face to know that the motherfucker will be miserable for his remaining lucid days. Paybacks a bitch.



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