Damn. There is striking a nerve and then there is striking a geyser of rage and it looks like the Lincoln Project managed to do the latter.

Trump still watches Fox News, which Lincoln Project knows and this must have been a five ketchup bottle fit, this one.

First watch the clip then read what Trumpty Dumpty spewed onto Truth Social immediately afterward.

Here is Trumpty’s riposte. You can almost see the steam coming out of the illuminated pixels.

Don Don the clown is upset!! Oh, noes!! He might just set fire to the circus!! Watch the elephants stampede!! The ones with big ears are flying, anything to get away from his rage!!

Lindsey is crying and he tore his dress, Teddums is running back to Cancun, with or without an airplane, he’ll walk if he has to, Kevin just fainted and Mitch isn’t taking calls. And don’t bother Ronna, she’s still trying to figure out how to deal with the fact that Trump endorsed Jair Bolsonaro for reelection, oblivious to the fact that he’s a murderous dictator — or more likely, because of it.

What a standard bearer, what a party.



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  1. Maybe LP is trying to BAIT him into suing them. I’m sure they’d love to get Trump into the discovery stage of a lawsuit! Trump may not be all that smart but he knows full well discovery would include just what happened with all the money he’s raised and he wants NO part of it. But if he’s outraged enough who knows? He might just push his threats a little too far.

  2. You are a delight, Ursula. Today is a great day. Both Trumpty Dumpty and that fat drunk Bannon are enraged after the drunk’s NY indictment and America’s worst president has been scorched by the NY Post. New York, New York what a wonderful town.

    • Several decades ago when I was on the national staff of the Izaak Walton League of America (I was Outdoor Ethics Coordinator) we held an annual meeting in South Dakota. I passed on a trip to Mt. Rushmore, preferring to take the other tour offered the same day to the Badlands. I do however remember frequently seeing postcards for sale, display racks filled with various SD stuff including Mt. Rushmore. Inevitably there were always a few of the same ones for sale – the backside of the mountain with four bare asses! It would be easy enough for an artist to draw in Trump’s ugly face sitting directly on a giant, fat bare ass with the caption “Mt. Rushmore’s newest member” or something someone funnier than I am can come up with. Maybe a couple with one saying to the other “Well, Trump said he should be on Rushmore…This seems about right!”

    • I don’t really have any objection to Trump being put on Mt Rushmore.

      Provided he was staked down properly and it could be proved he wouldn’t poison the vultures.

  3. Pass on the imperialist monument to the US history of treachery, having given the Lakota the sacred lands of the Black Hills, then broke the treaty when gold was discovered. Go a few miles down the road to visit Crazy Horse monument where an entire mountain, much larger than Rushmore, has been worked on since 1939. The Indian museum I visited in 1987, was awesome & has to be better & bigger by now. The Indians, out of reverence, have donated all kinds of artifacts. How many Americans have read I Buried My Heart At Wounded Knee? If not, then you don’t know much about our rape of the American Indian culture & our theft of the land. Of course, then the lawyers wrote the laws making it all nice & legal. Good start America.

  4. Trump is a liar, a traitor and a crook! How this clown keeps dodging the legal system that is nipping at his heels. He is slowly realizing that the walls are closing in on him! When a narcissistic entity is facing the ‘truth’, he latches out with his childish resume of name-calling and deviation of what is being told about him! Trump has no one to blaim for all his recent troubles but himself! He let the ‘power’ of the presidency go to his head; and his loyal cult kept feeding his ego! It is like a dog chasing it’s own tail! Now he is running scared!

    • It’s still a history lesson that is far superior to watching TV or the internet. History is written by the winners. The losers are in the ground.


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