Any psychologists out there reading this? I would love to hear your input. This was posted about a month ago on Twitter. It’s resurfaced this holiday weekend and nobody can figure out WTH Lara Trump was thinking to post this — let alone whomever is filming it. Watch. Then kick in your own two cents.

I gather it’s a commercial for Trump Winery and Trump candles — although what kind of wine is that, anybody have a clue? Weird orange color? Chateaux du Horse Piss?

The fact that this woman is doing a “total relaxation” commercial when a kid is screaming for attention six feet from her is what’s weird. At the very least, that should have been a “cut” moment and you deal with the kid and do a retake. Unless she didn’t really even notice the kid crying, because she’s used to ignoring such things. If that is the message here, then she really did marry into the right family. She’s worthy of the name Trump.

I don’t think there’s any positive spin to put on this. Mommy is ignoring her kid while she gets toasted and Daddy, or somebody else who’s oblivious, is filming it. And who knows who else is in the room? After all, this is Trump world, just down the street from Bizarro world and sharing many of the same attributes.

So, class, time for a pop quiz. WTH is Lara Trump doing?

  1. Foreshadowing an ad for her new perfume, a scent called “Classless?”
  2. Giving Eric ammunition for the divorce settlement?
  3. Preparing a piece for a time capsule to be opened in 3021, “What the Trumps were really like?”
  4. Doing publicity for her new show, “Real Housewives Of Trump World?”
  5. Making a mental note to herself to start drinking vodka instead of this cheap swill?
  6. All of the above.
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  1. I have to go for 6. All of the above, but with the sure knowledge that there will be more things to add to the list as well, with every hour that passes.

  2. I’d say 5 and 6. The “total relaxation” you get from the alcohol allows you to ignore anything – that’s the selling point. But vodka would so it better.

    And my eyes are being obstreperous today, but not to the poit of seeing images reversed. Was this not filmed in a mirror? Would that not make it a selfie?


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