“These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do.” — Nancy Sinatra

One of these days Ted Cruz is going to walk all over you. He proved that in a Senate hearing this morning with FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Teddums is very emphatic that the FBI is disparaging symbols, and linking such symbols to terrorist organizations, when the fact is, Ted wears one of those symbols on his boots and strolls the halls of congress that way. Ted, you’re proving our point. If you’re not a domestic terrorist and a threat to democracy, who is?

CRUZ: Also included on this is a text that I was particularly struck is the Gonzales Battle Flag – Come and take it – as indicative of being a violent extremist militia. Well, I will self report right now that every day in the Senate, I wear my boots that have the Gonzales battle flag on the back of them. Director Ray, what are y’all doing? This makes no sense. Do you agree with this FBI guidance? That the Betsy Ross flag, and the Gadsden flag and the Gonzales Battle Flag or signs of militia violent extremism.

FBI DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER WRAY: Well, Senator, I’m not familiar with the particular document you have behind you and I’m not in the practice of trying to comment on documents that I haven’t recognized. But I will tell you that when we put out intelligence products, including ones that reference symbols, which we do across a wide variety of contexts, we usually make great pains take great pains to put caveats and warnings in the document that make clear that a symbol alone is not considered evidence of violent extremism.

Yes folks, Nicky Khrushchev did the same thing back in the day. He slammed his loafer on the United Nations lectern and screamed, “We will bury you!” and that was after his statement in 1956 that Russia “would take over America without firing a shot.”

How wonderful for Texas that they have a senator who evokes memories of one of the most dangerous madmen in Russian history and who almost blew up the planet over the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Director Wray, for his part, did a Fauci, meaning that he went out of his way not to laugh out loud and actually dignified Cruz’ idiocy with a response.

“Performative jackassery” is what Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse called this kind of thing  — when, comically, he happened to be sitting right next to Ted Cruz. And that was the same day Alan Dershowitz called Cruz a bigot.

Good for you, Teddums. You got your sound bite on Fox News for the day. You did your job Not the one you get paid to do, to be sure, but the one that you hold in your heart as valid, trolling the electorate and pandering to the lowest elements in our society, hoping in vain to become the next Donald Trump. What a life goal.

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  1. He still does not realize he will never be president. In fact, he may lose his next election to the senate. Beto almost beat him and he’s only become more unlikeable. Cancun Cruz should maybe be looking around for employment opportunities now instead of acting like a jackass on c-span.

  2. First of all Ted Cruz wearing cowboy boots? Now THAT’S funny! Talk about your “All hat (or boots) and no cattle” as the saying in none other than Texas goes. Yo Ted – you ain’t fooling ANYONE. As for that Sinatra tune (man I hated it when I was a kid and still do – no talent hack who no one would have heard of if not for her dad) I’d amend the lyrics to “one of these days these boots are gonna walk down to Cancun!”

    • Awww denis that was my JAM when I was a little girl! I thought Nancy Sinatra was the coolest chick ever, with that blond hair and the pink lipstick.

      Can’t stand Ted Cruz though.

    • Hardly a great song, bit I think women always liked cut better than guys. She is telling the man that if he keeps being a,couch scan or she will.kick him to the curb with her spike heeled boots,,then stomp on him with stilettos. I was,in high school This,told women you didn’t v have to put up with jerks just because they have dangly bits.
      In 1966,that was a solid message. And most songs,we’re of the “He’s my man, sleazy, lying asshole and he beats me and cheats,on me but he’s still.my man so I will.stay with him.” The song I hated cost was “As Long As He Needs,Me” from Oliver. Nancy sings it after being gathered by Bill Sikes. I wanted to.vomit. I will take “Boots” over a,battered woman declaring her willingness to stand by her crazy, violent, monstroys,abuser
      Did you also dislike Helen Freddy’s “I am woman”!

      • Oh, I got the point of the song even at my relatively young and when it came to male/female stuff not all that knowledgeable age. With a mom like mine and friends who also had strong willed moms it was impossible not to understand what that song was about. I just didn’t happen to find it as catchy as so many did even if the sentiment expressed was something people should pay attention to. I also didn’t find Nancy Sinatra all that glamorous or beautiful and growing up learning music and how to be a musician as well as an athlete didn’t find her all that talented a vocalist. So I’ve thought then and since had her dad not been who he was, if she was some gal from a town like mine with no connections it’s highly unlikely anyone would have heard of her. I might well be in the minority on that but what the hell. There have been artists and songs I’ve like that lots, if not the bulk of people didn’t. We all have our tastes, preferences and opinions.

  3. Denis: you beat me to the all hat (boots) no cattle. He’s an idiot and I hope Beto beats Abbot and then a few years from now can go after Teddy.

  4. I wonder when the gun nuts are ever going to realise that when Leonidas sent that message to the Persians, that Xerxes did exactly that – he came, took them and wiped out the Spartans to a man at Thermopylae.

    Be careful in what you wish for

  5. Tell him to either put that cowgirl boot back on his stinking foot or someone may ram it up his ass. I know what real cowboys would do with that bag of shit…rope his ass & drag him through town.


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