Ted Cruz is getting it both barrels from everywhere these days and deservedly so. He has conducted himself as a complete swine with respect to the grilling of Ketanji Brown Jackson. That said, I’m sure that even he is amazed that he has managed to offend the sensibilities of Alan Dershowitz. Behold. It is a wonder you will not see every day of your life.

I mean, Ben Sasse was bad enough. If you missed that epic moment, here it is.

I love the moment when Cruz swivels his head towards Sasse. That is classic.

And Sasse’s comments applied to Lindsey Graham as well, with his constant disrespectful interruption of Judge Jackson.

Kudos to both Dershowitz and Sasse for being the adults in the room. What is a shame is that the GOP is no longer the party of adults. They operate according to what I call the Thomas Massie Theorem, that “people vote for the craziest son of a bitch on the ballot” and they are praying for that, and enough Fox News coverage, to get them over the finish line.

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