Man, if this is the way that Kevin McCarthy is going to handle leadership of the House, it is going to be even funnier than you might have already surmised. McCarthy has had better days, let’s just say that.

He’s gazing in an unfocused manner and he’s rocking back and forth, back and forth, as he stands outside the White House. Unless there’s a hurricane force gale in Washington, D.C. today, I wonder what’s causing that?

And then he lied through his teeth about Trump denouncing Nick Fuentes.

In Alice In Wonderland we were told, “The words mean what you want them to mean.” I guess that’s how McCarthy sees it. He heard Trump denounce Fuentes four times. He knew what Trump meant. If you didn’t understand what Trump meant, well, I guess that’s your problem.

What if McCarthy has the same malady as Paul Gosar? Man, that could be something. They could sway in harmony with one another, or one could sway right while the other sways left. Swaying could become the new thing in the GOP.

Remember when that Spanish king had a lisp and so everybody at court began talking like him and that’s how the Castilian dialect was born? This could be something like that.

All I know is that if this is a foreshadowing of what’s to come, it’s going to be a lonnng two years.


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  1. In my personal opinion if McCarthy is elected speaker, he will last less than 60 days. I don’t think he can keep all the factions of his party together. While they may investigations, the moderates will want to get things done. Next year in the House will be interating.

  2. I’ve said this before, but…

    Why don’t all the Democrats get together with four (just four only) Republicans and choose a sane Republican like Liz Cheney to be House Speaker?

    A speaker with bipartisan support.

    • There aren’t 4 sane GOP congress people. The last 2 that were semi sane w/ vestiges of spines, Kinzinger & Cheney, will not be in congress when this vote happens. There are corrupt GOP congress people so I think Dems should just pay 4 of them and vote Liz Cheney or my personal favorite, Hillary. (Altho, I doubt Hillary wants that job.)

  3. God, watching him made me seasick. Last time I saw someone swaying like that…we were both on a ship deck out at sea. Oh, & no need to say he was lying through his teeth…happens when he breathes. Who says invertebrates can’t walk upright? They just can’t stand up straight. God what a fucking country these rich, white, racists have constructed.


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