Something is up with Ron DeSantis. He does not look or sound well here. He sounds congested and beyond that he sounds like he’s about to burst into tears at any moment. Coming down with COVID? Recovering from same?

I know I’m ignorant with respect to technology, but is discussing semi conductor chips generally this emotional?

Something else is going on. He’s there physically but he’s reacting to something else, either physical or emotional. I actually feel bad for him. I’ve had a few occasions in my life of dragging myself to work feeling like death warmed over and it’s not the way to live.

He’s in pain, I think the only question is physical, emotional or both.

As stated, I didn’t know that particular topic was so moving. Maybe I better start studying. Thank God he didn’t have to talk about artificial intelligence or robots mining coal in Australia, we’d have had to carry him out.

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  1. The wife’s cancer may be more serious than reported. And if he’s got COVID on top of that (and possibly her too), this could be about to get all kinds of ugly.

  2. He sounds just like I do when I’m upset and stifling back the tears. Yet trying to work at the same time. Some thing is going on.

  3. Phuck that rat bastard. Wonder how many people he’s killed? How many children crying over the loss of someone? Go virus go. Take that sob.

  4. Probably COVID. He’s likely taken zero precautions.

    As for his wife, if she’s not in chemo, her immune system is not going to be idle – it recovers fairly quickly – but she really should be vaxxed and boosted. (I’m sure her doctors have told her that.)


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